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I live in a beautiful fishing village in East Iceland where about one thousand people live. I have worked in tourism for many years in restaurants, hotel, information centers and now I work at the travel agency Tanni Travel which also runs it own busses. We work on many interesting prodjects and the most fun one is MEET THE LOCALS. Where the aim is to stop to enjoy the nature and the culture and make some new friends. I´m also a student in Hólar Univerity in the beautiful Hjaltadal where I´m studying tourism for a BA degree. I love travelling through my beautiful country with my family. I love to go skiing, hiking and running. I know Iceland pretty well I´m born and raised in Akureyri in the north and I lived in Reykjavík for 7 years and of course I know all the things to do in East Iceland. I know a thing or two about travelling in Iceland and would love to assist you and give you advice on what to see and do weather you are travelling on your own or with family and friends.