I would love my first blog post to give an insight into my life the last 6 months, I'm going to share with you a post I wrote the 3rd of may this year. In a quiet afternoon the 30th day of my Everest expedition and life had been falling apart since a devastating earthquake 8 days earlier or the 25th of April, where around 9.000 people lost their lives. 

"Day 30: I flew out of Lukla to Kathmandu this morning, staying here until the 6th. Then I'm stepping on another airplane; out of this life onto my "real" one.

Planes are machines that not only take us between places, they carry us between characters.

Kathmandu is badly hit by the earthquake, it's alive and bustling, but blood wounded. The bright smiles of Nepalis are more subtle and the sadness can be seen in every pair of eyes. The spark of life only idles.

There are aid groups everywhere and it seems the most urgent need has moved from Kathmandu, now it is mostly in the remote areas that were hit worst by the earthquake.

My taxi/guide tells me about 100 people dead here and 120 there as we explore the cities destruction.

As I'm typing this from the Hostel lounge, there is a person next to me summoning the courage to call the parents of two Dutch girls that have been missing since the earthquake on the 25th. Their body's were found today. Everyone in here has watered eyes and full compassion.

I spent my day in a zombie state not comprehending how our fate is decided!

I will wake up on the 8th in my "real" life with a new character surrounded by people that does not understand what has been happening the last week.

Dreams are shattered and minds are bent, only temporarily."

What will follow from now on is a new dream that I hope many of you will be a part of! 

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