Hello travelers

We are very excited to join Guide to Iceland and offer our tour to more people. 

It's rather new but we did some test tours in June and feel confident enough now to take more people on the Art Walk at once. 

Come with us for a lovely walk around Reykjavik - we will tell you about the Icelandic art history, how it began and how it has developed. We will also tell you about contemporary Icelandic art which is very diverse and ever changing. Of course we will not only tell you about all this but we will take you to art spaces and galleries that will talk for themselves but as I overheard once at a museum - "I wish someone would explain this to me" - it's always better to get the background story as well. Some of the things we will tell you or places that we will take you to are off the beaten track which is always more interesting, at least in our opinion. 

On the tour feel free to ask us about recommendations but we do our best to be up to date on what is going on in the Icelandic art world and cultural happenings.

See you soon! 

- Adelina & Freyja 


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