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“Discover Iceland Private Tours” is a family-run tour operator specializing in high-end travel in Iceland. We take pride in providing quality service for the more demanding traveler. Our exclusive tours are operated by 4×4 trucks.

The company was founded in 2010 by the couple Georg & Karen. The volcanic eruption at Fimmvörðuháls and Eyjafjallajökull that year created a need for specialized vehicles and capable drivers that would be able to reach the eruption site. There was great demand for such adventure trips. As a consequence, Georg & Karen established a tour company that continues till this day.

We take travelers to unconventional sites in amazing modified trucks with very large tires. One can say we do the impassable.

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What are the Icelandic Super Jeeps?

Super Jeeps - How to See the Real Iceland What is a super jeep...? Why are the tours so pricey...? Super jeeps are Iceland’s most gorgeous monsters. We Icelanders modify our vehicles quite heavily so that we can drive them on our glaciers, and into the highlands. This is off-road on steroids! Beside having humongous tires of at least 38 inches (because by definition it’s not a super jeep if the tires are smaller than 38”), these vehicles are severely modified for a much higher clearance, an ex

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How to make Northern Lights

1. Get some Supersonic Solar Wind In 1962 it was proved that empty space is awash with constant solar wind, blowing at 300 – 800 km per second. From the Sun’s equator a constant stream of particles evaporates into space. Occasionally, violent gusts break free of the Sun’s gravitational and magnetic forces. These are flares and coronal mass ejections. How does solar wind affect the other planets? These electrically charged hurricanes are ferocious and relentless, and the planets line in their

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