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Here at Scuba Iceland we offer Snorkel and Dive tours at the world famous Silfra fissure located in Thingvellir national park. Silfra fissure is a crack in the Earths crust where you can snorkel and dive between the Eurasian and North American Tectonic plates, the water is some of the purest in the world and offers up to 100m of visibility all year round!

The water is Glacial fed and as a result can be a refreshing temperature, so we provide you with fantastic quality thermal suits and drysuits so you can enjoy one of the finest dive sites in the world without getting cold!

This really is a unique Icelandic adventure and for many of our participants it is the highlight of their trip to Iceland, so if you fancy a real adventure then come and join us

Diving Silfra Day TourYear round6-8 hrs.
Silfra SnorkelingYear round4-6 hrs.
Dive/Snorkel Silfra and the Golden CircleYear round10 hrs.
.  SCUBA certification is necessary for all diving tours but not for snorkelling. All equipment is provided and included in the cost.
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