The never ending volcanic eruption

It has been four months since the eruption in Holuhraun north of Bárðabunga started. This eruption at Holuhraun now has the distinction of being the largest (by volume) in Iceland since the massive 1783-4 eruption of Laki.  Many tourists and Icelanders have seen the eruption that silently erupts far away from everyone.  Many passengers have seen the eruption while flying between Egilsstaðir and Reykjavík.  There are also scheduled sight seeing flight to see the eruption and some jeep tours.  

If you fly to Egilsstaðir airport and  want to see the Holuhraun eruption north of Bárðabunga contact us and we will make the best tour for you with our local guide in 4x4 jeep. Once in a lifetime experience.

An adventure tour to mountain Snæfell area. We stop at mountain Sauðárhjúkur where we hope to see the eruption in Holuhraun. On our way back from the frozen highlands we stop at the natural hot spring in Laugafell and take a short dip in the pool. If the sky is clear the northern lights will appear and dance with us into the night.

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