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Ever wish that you had a friend in every country to show you the secret spots, share the inside stories and venture off-the-beaten-path with? Troll Expeditions is exactly that- your reliable friend and local expert in Iceland. We’re all about adventure travel that involves close encounters with the tremendous forces of nature that the land of fire and ice is so well-known for. We’ll provide knowledgeable adventure experts and the safety equipment and gear you need, just bring a strong dose of enthusiasm and an appetite for life-changing thrills.

Tröll Expeditions

 •  17.11.15

Life changes fast, make sure you enjoy it!

I would love my first blog post to give an insight into my life the last 6 months, I'm going to share with you a post I wrote the 3rd of may this year. In a quiet afternoon the 30th day of my Everest expedition and life had been falling apart since a devastating earthquake 8 days earlier or the 25th of April, where around 9.000 people lost their lives.  "Day 30: I flew out of Lukla to Kathmandu this morning, staying here until the 6th. Then I'

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