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It was not too great to be honest. I was given a car that had no gas and in a foreign country I was a bit nervous and needed to find gas right away. Also, the guy who was supposed to meet us at the airport was late. I mean -- that did not have anything to do with the car -- just be there!!! I have several issues with this company -- aside from the gas thing --but I really did not like the way they handle things. Also, on the website when we pay for the 3G/4G they need to be specific and tell you that they are only giving you the device --you will have to go get your own internet which means nothing because I had a similar device anyway. Very unprofessional in the way they handle things I believe. Imagine if I actually had a problem with the car? It would have been a nightmare. My suggestion: given the fact that the price difference is not that great -- go with another company. Someone who does things on time and in a more professional manner

Write a review?! My pleasure! I reserved a 2012 Jeep. You can imagine my shock and utter disgust when rent- a- wreck could not supply us with this car. They gave me a 2004 Hyundai instead of the Jeep I paid for. Makes perfect sense right? To be given a Toyota after you reserved a Benz? Strike 1. If we weren’t in a rush for our blue lagoon reservation I would not have accepted that car. Fast forward to the next day, after a 15 hour tour visiting the south of Iceland we arrive back at our car at 11 PM & the battery is DEAD. Yep. 4 girls in an unfamiliar city, stranded at 11 pm at night. We had to cab it back to our hotel ($70 later) and then jump it the next day ($70 cab + $30 to jump it). Rent-a-wreck wouldn't have helped us if we paid them to. We called them in sheer panic asking for help, but they did not answer. I swear I would have had better luck getting in touch with someone on the moon. 14 hours later they eventually graced me, their customer, with a call back! Of course this was long after we jumped the car and fixed our own (THEIR) problem. When I finally spoke with this person, I could actually feel my blood pressure increasing. He was extremely curt, defensive, condescending and had the audacity to blame us for the dead battery- as if I’ve never driven a car before and “forgot to turn off the light.” He proceeded to yell back at me, blaming me for the dead battery. What ever happened to “the customer is always right?” Is that just a New York thing? First you give me an older car than what I paid for, then it dies and I’m the one at fault? Anyway, the heroic gentleman offered me one solution— get ready— he suggested that I spend the day driving the car back, 1 hour away, thus missing the tours we spent well over 500$ for. That was it. That was his way of helping. The a-u-d-a-c-i-t-y. I nearly fell over. Great idea guy! Great! You must be in charge! Let me hop in & spend the day driving back to you! Who needs to see the ice caves anyway?! You must be the brains of this operation! You represent rent- a - wreck PERFECTLY. At least the rest of the car worked fine our remaining 2 days. I think you know by now that was sarcasm. The icing on the cake was the last day when we had to head back to the airport. The trunk of the car would not open. Yep. There we were, 4 girls braving the treacherous Icelandic winds, feeding the luggage through the back window of the car. To summarize: we were given a much older car than what we paid for, the battery died and rent- a- wreck would not lift a finger (literally- not even to answer the phone) to help us, and we spent our 4 day trip feeling unsafe in a crappy vehicle we didn’t choose, on the dangerous, Icelandic terrain. A simple “Hey, we can’t offer you this car anymore, want a refund?” heads up phone call before our trip would have done wonders, but no, instead they attempted to rip us off. Silver lining?? I contacted guide to island (the website I booked them through). They contacted rent- a - wreck for me and then, only THEN, did they respond to an email and agree to a full refund. That’s great and all- but at this point I feel like I need to be paid for the aggravation. Not to mention the cabs we spent money on while our car was dead for a day. Soooo.... when renting a car, avoid rent- a - wreck at all costs. For the love of god, rent with Avis, or another reputable company. Unless you want a crappy car and aggravation to go with it (that was free!) then go with rent- a - wreck.

We arrived at the Airport and had to wait a short time to be collected (35mins). We got the car we booked, a Dacia Duster. Car was in Good condition and not a WRECK, like the company name suggests, few bumps and scrapes which were already highlighted on the check sheet. Car was clean inside and out and was perfect for the winter conditions. Screen wash was plenty for our 7 day trip to wash away the road salt. The staff were polite, quick and efficient and spoke great English. We stayed in the south of the island 15 mins out of Selfoss. We had been told it was their worst winter in 10 year (from our house landlords) and we got snowed in on 1 day of the trip due to 150kmh winds. Was only on that day that we had to dig the car out of the 2 ft of snow it had put down. All in all a good vehicle and company to rent from. Would use again.

We arrived at the aiport expecting a suzuki Jimny but we were informed the car had been involved in an accident somewhere on the island and that we would be getting a free upgrade so we got given directions to our new car which was a bigger Suzuki Vitara. We had no problems with the car and even on roads with small fresh piles of snow it was fine to drive through it. No near accidents, very comfrotable drive. Would recomend the Vitara for your trip to Iceland in winter and would rate this company. They are very easy to contact if there is any problem. Thank you for the easy, comfortable trip

Overall the car was good; even in the snow storms we didn't have any real problems. We were picked up and dropped off from the airport and the staff was friendly. However, within 30 minutes of driving the car the air pressure light came on so we had to stop and take care of that. There was no hole in the tire and it was fine the rest of the trip, but it shows the tires were not checked. Also, make sure when you walk around the car that you check how much gas is in it because the percentage they had listed was very inaccurate and we were responsible for returning the car with that amount. The wiper fluid also smelled of rubbing alcohol and was clear instead of blue, we had to refill the tank within 3 days, so we aren't sure if it was full- either way we had to roll down the windows every time we used it. Other than those three smallish things, it was a good rental! You get what you pay for!

Good service and contact with the company. Also good pick up even though a large storm during our arrival. Maintenance of the car was rather average, but it took us well on our trips. So all in all I would book here again.

The car we had rented had been returned wrecked, and we discovered that Rent A Wreck won't actually give you a wrecked car. The car they gave us instead was comparable, got great gas mileage, had studded snow tires that worked great in the snow, slush and ice that we encountered all about Reykjavik, had enough windshield washer fluid to last for our entire week of cleaning road salt off of our windshield, and was easy to park in the tiny spaces we found in town. Our flight was delayed arriving, but when I called to say we had our luggage and were ready for our car, they were there with it within five minutes. Overall a very good experience.

Amazing! The car we rented was amazing! Handles the ring road in winter conditions really well.

Great service and a good car. I traveled to the west and south part of Iceland, and the car from Rent A Wreck was very well suited for that. Whenever there were issues or when I had questions, the company was easy and quick to reach. Recommendable if you are looking for a good car for a trip in Iceland.

Excellent expérience. I was upgraded for free, the pick up was super convenient as the company left the car at the parking lot so we did not lose any time. The car did not show the mileage at the board but we did not have any problem with the car. The car was clean and in good conditions. The staff was excellent and responded quickly to any questions I had. Good value for your money deal. I definitely recommend them.

We had a great experience with Rent A Wreck! We had the SUV for 4 days, went in the middle of December, so the car had studs on the tires, and it was perfect for driving in unpredictable conditions. The Vitara was a perfect size for 4 adults, and while it wasn't a luxury vehicle, it was certainly functional. The representative who met us at the airport also gave us a ton of helpful tips for navigating Iceland and some do's/don't's for our stay there. Overall a very pleasant experience!

Overall a good experience, the car was in a good condition. We had to wait about minutes in the airport to be picked up, not a big deal. Also, the day before our departure, the lights of the car stopped working, which was quite inconvenient given the length of the night during the winter. But I would recommend this company, a good value for money deal.

Perfect. No problem... I will advice you to use this service.

From the beginning we had to wait quite a lot (after calling the number given on the voucher) at the airport. The car that we had wasn't well maintained and even asking upfront to have nails on the tyres, we didn't get them, we got only winter tyres, which in my opinion is not enough for the icy roads around the country ( yes we had plans to make the tour around - December). We ended up having an accident and for my surprise, the car wasn't equipped with airbags, which made me carry a scar on my face ... hopefully not till the end of my life. Overall: The car was old (above 174 000 km), seemed to not have good maintenance, no air bags, Staff was good though. Hopefully you will be luckier than us.

Overall, great. A shaky start - we had to wait over an hour to be picked up at KEF airport, and after calling their contact number twice and having them promise "less than 5 minutes!" we finally were on our way. It looks like a very small business, so the reason for the lateness was he was helping another customer and he was the only employee there. But after that, everything was smooth. He didn't try to upsell us on any add-ons beyond the ones we booked initially. The car (4x4 manual Suzuki Jimny) was great, perfect for exactly 2 people and no more! They put on ice tires which was great. The car never slid even on the slipperiest of roads. The car itself wasn't in great condition, it is "Rent a Wreck" afterall, but everything functioned correctly. Return was to the parking lot in the airport (leave the keys in the car) which was more convenient than returning it to the office. One other complaint - the windshield wipers were CRAP. They were bent and didn't clean at all. We bought new ones for ~2600 ISK total at an auto parts store which was much cheaper than we expected, so we didn't bother to ask to be reimbursed. Other than that, everything was great.

Excellent car! I was upgraded for free as the car I had booked had been involved in an accident that day. The car I got was really sturdy and felt safe to drive. The staff were excellent and responded quickly to any questions I had. It was super easy to pick up and drop off. Recommend!

My wife and I could not have happier with our experience, from the time we were picked up at the airport till we returned the car it was seamless. We will return to Iceland and definitely be using rent a wreck again.

To start with, my pick up was at 7am and the guy showed up at around 9:15 am, after trying to call him like 15 times. The guy came and apologized for over sleeping. The business is probably a small one operated by one or two people. I had actually booked a Suzuki Vitara 4WD Automic and got a similar car hyundai tuscon. He took us to his office first then after the paper work he took us to some other place where the car was actually parked. As soon as I saw the car I was not sure about it. But then he asked if I wanted it cleaned and I said yes so he vacuumed a bit on the interior and gave me the car with empty tank. One good thing was that he compensated for coming late and did not charge for the first day. Rest of the trip went fine and the car wasn't that bad. Drop off was a little walk with the luggage as we had to park the car at the airport and leave the keys inside and then walk to the entrance with all the luggage.

La Dacia Duster 2016 fourni avait toutes les options confort nécessaire à cette période fraîche de l'année. Sièges chauffants, chauffage efficace. Le loueur avait quelques minutes de retard à l'aéroport mais a été très arrangeant pour le dépôt au retour dans un parking à 3h du matin au lieu de 22h prévu. Je dois aussi avouer que je vais avoir du mal à me passer des options régulateur et limiteur de vitesse. C'est génial comme système. On évite les PV et en plus on n'a plus besoin de gérer la pédale d'accélération qui est fatiguante à la longue sur des trajets de plusieurs jours à 90km/h. La voiture réagit très bien sûr les routes enneigées et verglacées. Des dérapages de temps en temps mais aucune perte de contrôle trop brutale me laissant le temps de ralentir tranquillement. Merci.

J'ai dû attendre quelque peu à l'aéroport, mais pour un bien ! Nous étions en novembre et les pneus devaient être changés pour des pneus à clous. Indispensable pour ma sécurité à cette période de l'année. Sinon, pas de surprises, voiture fiable (suzuki grand vitara), un peu âgée mais pour les routes et les pistes c'était parfait. Par contre, grosse consommation d'essence. Beaucoup de confiance avec le loueur, j'ai pu remettre la voiture sur un parking sans devoir repasser par le bureau. Je recommande donc.

1st time rented a car for 10 days and the experience was great. Even though we arrived pretty late at Keflavik Airport ( around 23:30 ), the manager of the company was waiting for us in the arrivals lobby. 20 minutes later we were driving our car. We initially booked a Suzuki Jimny, but we got a replacement, Dacia Duster. The replacement car was a big upgrade. We didn't have any issues with it or incidents on our +3000km trip, even though we had most of the insurances acquired. I still recommend getting as many as possible, since driving in Iceland can be a difficult at times. The communication with the manager was super easy even at drop off, mostly relying on trust. From our experience, we recommend Rent A Wreck for a relaxed, car renting option in Iceland.

We rented a Suzuki Jimmy for 6 days. Our travel was simply perfect. We didn't get too much off road (Iceland closed some roads due to weather) and only had to use the 4x4 once, but I recommend everyone to grab a 4x4, just in case. The guys were there at the airport on our arrival, the drop off was smooth and all the tips they gave us were quite useful.

We rented a car for 15 days with Rent a Wreck, a Suzuki Jimny, we were very happy with the car and the company’s services. We had various questions before coming to Iceland and they were very responsive via email. We had an issue when picking up the car at the airport. We waited for over 1 hour because of miscommunication and we had to call twice and send emails for Rent a Wreck to show up at the airport. Returning the car was however very smooth.

Our experience with Rent A Wreck was ok... The person who was picking us up at the airport arrived more than 20 minutes late. When he finally arrived he told us that the car wasn't at the airport and that we would have to do a 30 min drive to do the pick-up... The previous client didn't leave the car at the right place. We were travelling with our 10 months baby and they didn't put a baby car seat in the car at the aiport, so not really ideal and secure... We had to stop the their office to sign the papers and get the baby seat. Their seats were in very bad condition so we had to do another stop to get a correct one. Our driver was nice and we discussed a lot about our destination (Iceland) during the 30 min drive. A great experience with a local! We finally got the car and had a really great time. The only other thing is that we have also been incorectly billed a parking ticket that was already on the car when we got there, but the staff answered our e-mail quickly and they issued a credit. Our experience was ok, but I think we've been a little bit unlucky.

We recently returned from our trip and had a great experience with Rent A Wreck. Their staff is very communicative, and the cars were great; bluetooth audio equipped, and in perfect working order - no issues with the cars at all. Pickup and drop off was easy. I missed their phone call when they initially wanted to meet us at the airport, but they responded to text messages immediately.

We experienced few minor issues with a car, mostly related to damage done by previous usage, but also on electronics. Front registration plate was missing. They told us they had an agreement with police, but police stop us anyway. Fortunately, they were nice to us and the policemen refuse existence of such agreement. Otherwise everything was just fine.

I really enjoyed my visit to Iceland and having a car was certainly the best decision, my overall experience with Rent A Wreck was really good, the car was delivered to us at the airport as we arrived, it was in good condition and GPS service was available for us to use during the whole trip. The important information and details was given to us about use and return and we had no problems at all with it. Would definitely recommend!

Car had the windshield with a crack and the door was kneaded. Car was also dirty. But the price, facility of rental and drop off compensate the other issues. I would recommend a diesel car because gas price in Iceland is very expensive!

Super easy checking in & dropping off, and the Jeep Duster got great gas mileage too!

Reliable car, fair prices and nice customer service, highly recommended !

We had set the time for our pick up at 9am. But i had to send an e-mail to the business that it was past 9am and we were waiting. A representative did not come until 9:46am.

Unfortunately we had to wait a long time after arriving for someone to meet us at the airport. Not ideal when we arrived at almost midnight! At er waiting half hour we had to call and were told 7 was at least another 15. However, once they got there all went smoothly, the car was onsite and they didn’t try to up sell anything. The car was not in the best condition visually but this was a good thing considering the Icelandic winter weather and gravel roads. It was the cheapest deal we had seen for a 4 x 4 though so happy so far. All seemed good until we got in the car - it stank of cigerette smoke. We did a big road trip along the south coast and also found the window wipers were awful - they barely cleared the screen. We also found the car did not hold very well in the tough conditions, which surprised us considering it was 4 x 4. On further checking in the light we realised we had not been given winter/studded tyres. The rear tyres also had very very low tread. The passenger window also did not open. Yes we understood we would get an older model vehicle but in our opinion it should have been in much better condition and was not safe. The whole experience went pretty smooth and booking through guide to Iceland was great. However, rent a wreck really did not provide an adequate vehicle. Disappointing. Dropping the car off was smooth on return, just leave it at the airport with keys in the glove box. This at least made for a convenient return.

No issues with the car. We rented a 4x4 which took us through some pretty difficult, icy and snowy roads. Our issue was with the GPS we took as a daily rental. It was out of battery and the lighter plug on the car didn’t work due to a blown fuse. I contacted Rent a Wreck several times about it during our stay, but all my claimes were ignored. I ended up paying for a costly and useless GPS for 8 days. My advice is: save yourself the money. Icelsnd is pricy enough as it is. There was 3G/4G access on 95% of the island (we did the ring road) so we were absolutely fine with our phone GPS

Keep on mind, it's Rent a Wreck, so, it's a wreck, no surprises. I did expected an old car (ok), with high KM (124k) ok, but the tires was unbalanced, so at 50km/h the steering wheels was shaking a lot, impossible to drive. I did call the guys and they changed the car for another, driven by the person who pick us up on the airport. Ok, I didn't want to loose time changing the car so I accepted that one, but was really worst, with 240.000 km and the front door didn't work well, due some old "wind accident". I recommend to the next time, the guys keep the car aligned and balanced, to avoid this unexpected changes, and for the costumers, if have to change it, change, and ask for something better even if get late. But I admit, it was funny because, as I told, it's a wreck, a very used car, but with a good and smooth engine, what give us good noisy times and jokes shaking around the icelandic gravel roads.

We had a lot of issues with the rental car upon picking up from the airport. The car that was given to us had a bent suspension and cracked windsheid. The crack on the windshield was right across the center, as for the suspension being bent the car right wheel was completely no straight. When we noticed these issues we requested for a new car; however, we were continuously told that the current car would be safe to drive around (despite the weather conditions of Iceland). We still didn’t feel comfortable to take the car and decided to see our options with other agents in the airport. After much confusion within the airport trying to find a safer car rental, the employee of rent a wreak notified us they found a safer car. Upon inspection the car appeared to be much safer; however, the drivers windshield wiper was not working. Over the experience was horrible, but the employee that helped us was very patient. We just wished that it didn’t take over 6 hours to resolve the issue at the airport (wasting valuable time and having to change our schedule). We wish that a next time we were given a safe car to begin with and that they carefully inspect the cars being tourist receive them. The second car we were given had windshield wipers that did nothing but make it more blurry for the drivers vision. The wipers were crucial for the safety of the passengers and driver because of the poor weather conditions. I cannot stress how important the safety of the cars are when given to customers. We do wish we can get a partial refund for the inconvienes (we missed a tour and couldn’t get our money back due to the delay upon car pickup). I attempted to email rent a wreak privately, but have not gotten a response in days. Thank!

We were to be picked up in the airport and they were atleast 1 hour late (more like 1,5) hours late. The Car was not in a good condition. We were extremely worried to drive it on the first day and tried to rebook to another but unfortunantly they were all booked. But we managed to drive our planned distance (almost 1000km), even through a big snow storm, without any problems. The car used a lot of gas, had already driven around 300.000 kilometers and the steering wheel was turning left even though we were going straight. also a worrying sound came from the engine, but thankfully it was just a little worrying and nothing more. All in all - you get what you pay for - a wreck. I probably wouldnt rent from here again - because of safety and feeling worried. And defidently wouldnt do it again in the winter with icy roads. but maybe the summer is better.

Not sure I would use these guys again. Definitely the cheapest rental available but you get what you pay for... seems like a lot of people complain about having to wait for their car... I wish I had read them before booking. When I booked the car I requested a pickup at the Reykjavik airport and then when I arrived realized that I landed at the Keflavic airport. That said, I bought a bus ticket to go to the other airport and when I got there received an email from them telling me they noticed my flight was actually at Keflavic and they were waiting for me there! That would have been great news had they sent it when I booked the car and not after I had already crossed town to go to the location I booked. I ended up waiting until 11:30 instead of getting the car at 9 am. I also booked the GPS add-on which I feel was a waste of money because half of the locations I searched for had no match found. When I contacted them about this they told me to use GPS co-ordinates rather than search for the locations. Not the response I was looking for because it meant buying a SIM card so that I could use Google to find co-ordinates at which point it was easier to use Google Maps on my phone than their GPS system. They should have offered a refund on the GPS in my opinion. The worst part of the experience was the fact that the emergency brake was broken which meant I could never park on a hill! When I called in about this the rep said he was sorry that he forgot to mention that they loosen the e-break during winter months because it tends to freeze when parked overnight... a little too loose in my opinion because the car rolled away on me the first time I parked on a very flat hill. The icing on the cake was that the car they gave me had a cracked windshield which did not make me feel safe considering all the gravel that hits the car while driving behind another car. Other than that, the staff was friendly but they didn't really go above and beyond to merit a great review.

The experience with the company was fine, no complaints there. The car functioned ok, with the exception of the headlights. They were barealy functioning, and made travel around iceland at night dangerous. I traveld outside of Reykjavic where there are no street lights and the headlights on my vehicle were useless and unsafe and made this part of my trip not as enjoyable as it could have been.

I would give rent a wreck car rental ZERO stars. We reserved a Jimmy Susuki, and to receive the car at 10 am. They were running late so we called, they assured us they were on their way. Another 30 minutes passes still no car. We call several more times, and finally the person at the office says someone will pick us up and bring us to the Reykavik office to pick up the car. THEY BROUGHT US TO THE OFFICE OF ANOTHER CAR RENTAL COMPANY. The man from the rent a wreck office said to pay them and we would receive a refund, when we stopped by their office before our flight out later that week. The people from the other company had NO IDEA we were coming. I am still waiting on a refund from rent a wreck a week after we left Iceland because the office was closed when we went to speak with them before our flight out. I am furious at the service and lack communication, not to mention the fact that they sent us to another company to pay more and then no refund us. Conclusion: DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMANY.

Very poor service. We waited 2 hours in the airport to 'be met by a representative' as promised. Every time we phoned they assured us someone would be there within ten minutes!! When someone did finally turn up it was to tell us that the duster we had booked had crashed that morning and instead we got a Nissan quash qui which had a huge crack across the windscreen and a dubious rattle. It did get us where we needed to go but not very comfortably. When returning the car we were not able to gain access to the car park and spent half an hour trying to get through to there 'emergency breakdown' line. Would definitely not rent from them again !!!

Where to start...the car I originally rented two months in advance got into a wreck and was never notified. So when I met the young man delivering the vehicle, he brought a different car and let us know the other vehicle was unavailable. He also told us the car didnt have time to be cleaned and the GPS, USB charger and fuel can we ordered were also unavailable. We were frustrated but tried to be amicable. When we began driving, we noticed the alignment was off and aggressively pulled the vehicle to the right, we felt so worried about it that we cancelled our drive to Vik from Reykjavik and just spent the day being lazy in town. Overall it was not a great experience. We understood the crazy weather and sometimes things happen, but we had very different expectations. We will say the delivery service is a nice bonus.

The car never showed up to the airport, no one at the offices answered their phone and didn't respond to emails until after a full 24 hours. Had to rent from another company last minute and was hours late to starting my day. It was an awful experience. Still waiting on my full refund I was promised.

It was horrible, they never showed up, they kept us and 2 more parties waiting for more than 4 hours at the airport, finally at 9 am we took a taxi to go to the office, nobody was there and we had to go to another rental place. We haven’t checked our credit card but for sure we expect full refund since they did not do their job, horrible experience.

I don’t leave reviews like this very often, but unfortunately this company did not work out well for me. The initial issue was my fault, as I had accidentally booked a manual and needed to switch for an automatic, but the company was not very communicative. The car itself seemed very old and unstable (they even mentioned not to drive it too fast around curves as it might tip over) which made us nervous to drive it in the snow. We were also receiving the car directly after the last person, which seemed a little sketchy. Although we cancelled the same day, Guide to Iceland would not refund any of the money and my questions were directed back and forth between them and Rent A Wreck. As we had booked the car for 8 days, I asked whether I could switch out the car with an automatic during any of that time period. The company was not very communicative or helpful, even though they mentioned automatic cars would be available during that time. We ended up booking through another car rental service that had better cars and was a lot more helpful. The manual/automatic mix up was my fault, but the way the issue was handled was very sketchy and disappointing. I don’t leave bad reviews very often, but we ended up losing $500 during the whole ordeal and were stuck in a bad spot at the airport. Overall, I had a very bad experience with this company and would not recommend a booking through them.

I was extremely disappointed in their service. The rental GPS in the car was outdated. I couldn't check many locations and address. Driving in Iceland without proper GPS is very dangerous especially not in cities. Other GPS can locate most of the places. We asked for help, howevet, they just asked us to press which button, but actually the provided GPS does not have the button due to old version. The GPS code is not updated without 8 digits which new code had. We asked if they can send the new version to one of the hotels we were staying , they asked us to buy a SIM card to connect Wi-Fi to search from Google map which I told them that we relied on Google map (but sometimes Wi-Fi may not be available). We did lose in direction of not finding hotel or some attraction points, but luckily we found few people to help (actually it is not easy to see people on the highway or road in iceland). I was extremely annoyed with their poor service.

10/10 would rent again

Fantastic! Rented a 4x4 for over 2 weeks an it made it through some pretty bad roads no problems at all.

So easy, so fast and so cheap! I loved it. All went alright, and it was so comfortable to drop-off the car next by the airport ! I highly recommend it!

The car served us well on our trip. Two of the headlights weren't working but wee got then replaced and rent a wreck refunded the money promptly.

The handbrake did not work. Please fix this for the next driver. This is not a minor issue. The remote control sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. This is minor, but it was uncomfortable. Checking in and dropping off was good and convenient.

The car was good. Served the purpose we needed it for well and without much issue. The customer service was incredibly poor. Super nice guys, don't get me wrong, but I made arrangement to pick up and drop off the vehicle at the rental place and nobody was there and the door was locked at scheduled pick up and drop off times. No communication or organization amongst the company or with the customer. Wouldn't do it again.

We had many problems with the car: tires got weared very fast due to incorrect alignment of front tires...very dangerous ...must get new tires and to oraginze nearly ourself...very bad support had ro contact many times...over half a day lost....bolt of tire also was broken...very high count of km >200k km..but only three/four years old...damping very bad...fuel control incorrect values...etc. more!

The pickup process was simple. Our car was perfect for our week driving around the country. Dropoff was simple and right outside of the airport terminal. I'd recommend rent-a-wreck to anyone!

It was great! I would recommend this company !

rent-a-wreck agency made a mistake when the reservation was transposed into their database, reflecting a MAY date vice MARCH. As a result, we were not met at the airport. Vehicle functioned well enough but doors could not be locked or unlocked remotely.... the key had to be inserted in the driver's door to lock/unlock the car. Suspect the battery in the key is dead.

Overall it's a good experience except the 1 hour delay during pick up

It is not a professional car rental company. Airport pickup delay 50 minutes, requested us not to check car conditions given too dark in the night, out of car electricity twice as a result of battery replacement during the journey. Car condition is overall poor.

The car was pretty great- it successfully handled some tough road conditions. My only note was that the windshield wipers should be replaced soon, or perhaps cleaned, as they did not work at 100% (and the weather in Iceland is such that you really want everything in the car operating at 100%).

The car was great, the person met us at the airport with the car and went over everything with us. I was disappointed that it had less than a quarter of a tank of gas when we got it, but I wasn't expected to return it full either...just a minor annoyance. Overall, very good value and no problems.

Car was OK, good for the price. Everything worked fine. The window-cleaning wasn't working as it wasn't refilled, but this OK for our small trip :-)

Everything was perfect: good car and good service. It was the fourth time in Iceland, next time it will be rent-a-wreck again!

Everything was great. We rented Suzuki Jimny 4x4 for 12 days and I have to say that the car performs extremely well in bad weather conditions. We had few days of very rough, windy and snowy weather, but Jimny got us through it with no problems whatsoever. Just a small note: The only negative thing was the fact that the tyres weren't that good anymore. In extreme weather conditions like in Iceland this can be very dangerous for the passengers in the car. Luckily I adjusted my speed so there weren't any problems. This is just a small warning to change the tyres as soon as you can. We are talking about people's lives here. Otherwise, thanks a lot for wonderful experience. Regards, Daniel

rented a Jimmy for our trip around the ring road - think we drove about 2500K and didn't have any issues with the car. We experienced some bad weather, but the Jimmy got us through it. The car has a narrow wheel base and seems a little top heavy, so you should go a little slower than some of the 'locals' when zipping around on the ice (only advice with the car itself). The staff are awesome here - when we dropped off the car, he took us right away to the airport so didn't lose anytime. Very personable and made the experience easy and pleasant. Would definitely recommend and will use again when we explore Iceland in the summer.

The experience was great! We made a great experience with our rented car. The whole process of renting and the delivery was easy and uncomplicated. It was better to explore Iceland by car than joining a bus tour. You can see much more and take the time as you need it at the attraction sites. We really recommend it!

Small shop but they came through for me! Despite the snow and 4:00 am arrival time, everything went pretty smooth. I did have to call them after I arrived though so make sure you have a working phone.

Great experience renting a little Suzuki 4x4 from these good people. They meet you at the arrivals and take you out to the waiting car. Super, personal touch. The car was fine and did the job. Dropping it off was effortless and convenient. The price was the best I found for 6 days rental, too. Highly recommended.

Great service. Super easy. We picked up our Suzuki Jimmy at the airport and had someone explain to us what we needed to know. The car was great. I can only recommend a car rental from these guys. Super friendly. And being able to leave the car at the airport at 6 am was brilliant. Definitely will rent with them again.

We had a great experience with the rented car. It was Hyundai i30. We did no`t have any problems with driving it. It was perfectly suitable for driving in the winter. We went to all the places we have wanted. Everything from picking it up at the airport to bringing it back there was smoothly organized. Thank you for everything!

Great car and great service! They were so accommodating and the convenience of leaving the car at the airport was a major perk at 5am in the morning. The car was really comfy and a solid ride for the sometimes rough conditions out there. Driving in Iceland is no joke, the rental definitely made us feel safe on the icy, winding and rough roads. Thanks for everything!

Although a little bit delayed picking up and dropping off the car, it was great service and price. Even they upgraded the car for free! When I go back to Iceland, I will rent again!

The process was great! It took a little longer than expected to get the car when we arrived but the service was great and the car was in great condition. I Would rent from them again!

Started out a little shaky as we were unfamiliar with the process of getting the car and had to wait over an hour, but everything worked out wonderfully. Thank you.

Great service and prices! Had fun driving in this beautiful country!

I arrived at the airport and there was no one to pick me up, even though I had provided my flight information. I checked the emails sent by Rent-a-Wreck and they provided a number I should call to "let them know when I was ready to be picked up". I tried calling several times and in different ways. No success. I sent an email. No success. After 40min, I decided to take a cab and finally arrived at the location. The service there was good, I cannot complain. When I got the car, I was informed the fuel gauge was broken and I should keep track of my gas by the kilometer range. First attempt to use the water to clean the windshield and we learned that there was no water in the container and since all the gas stations in Iceland were self service, we could not find a way to actually fill it up. The lights for "check the engine" were on the entire trip, even though nothing happened. The back light on the passenger's side was not working and the window on the driver's side was not working either. Any attempt to take a picture from the car turned into a nightmare. The drop off was uneventful. We arrived just when they were leaving to take other customers to the airport, so we did not need to wait. Over all, price and service wise, they are OK but it would be nicer to have some improved fleet offered, especially when we need to rely on the car to move within the country.

Travelling around Iceland was a great experience thanks to the car provided by Rent-a-wreck. They picked us up early and on time from the airport, gave us the 4x4 with all new features and we were off on our trip with very little time spent on initial paper work. The car had no issues during our trip. Staff was really friendly and available anytime we called. Would definitely recommend.

Thank you for the great car! Everything was fine! Fair, kind, helpful team! Maximum recommended!

Awesome experience with the company. They guys were really nice, friendly and helpful. Having a 4x4 came in handy and the car was very reliable it definitely made me feel safer going on the some of the back roads. If I ever go back to Iceland I am renting through them again!

Dacia Duster 4WD - Pick-off at airport was slightly delayed, maybe because our flight did not arrive as expected. Can't blame them for that. Otherwise the car did really well. Also, sleeping in the car was easily possible by folding the backseats and putting our sleeping pads on it. Saved us a bunch of money. Would recommend.

I got very decent Dacia Duster and drive almost 2000km without any problems. Drop off at the airport was perfect. The people that work in Rent-A-Wreck are super friendly and cooperative, I will not hesitate to recommend them to everyone!

A staff member was waiting for me at the airport and the drive to the rental office was very close. The pick-up and drop-off process was quick and easy. Staff was always very kind, knowledgeable, and professional and every person that I interacted with ensured that I had all of the information that I needed and were able to answer any questions.

The cheapest car rental in Iceland! At least if you want 4x4 and with all the insurance to have the peace of mind. I would definitely use them again!

We had a perfect experience with Rent a Wreck. They guys were super helpful and the car was very affordable. Having the freedom of our own, reliable vehicle made our trip around the golden circle and around the ring road memorable. Would highly recommend and use this service again.

Hello! Hire a Dacia Duster 2014 diesel for 4 days. I had read comments from people who complained that cars were often not what companies promised, or were in disrepair and ruined their holiday. This is not the case of Rent A Wreck. Rent A Wreck meets the conditions of your reservation. In my case they came to pick me Keflavik airport, they were very friendly and professional with me at all times and I got exactly the car I had reserved. The Dacia was very neat and clean and had no problems during our trip around Iceland, worked perfectly. The rental price is the best you'll find in Iceland. The next time I return to Iceland, certainly I will reserve my vehicle with Rent A Wreck.

Really worth having a road trip in Iceland and you can trust in service of Rent A Wreck. Nice staffs and pleasant experience.

The car was worth what we paid for! The staff/owners are very nice. Would recommend!

Our rental experience was great. Our flight arrived a little early so we had to wait a little bit for our pick up. The driver loaded up the SUV and took us over to the Rental Office where they gave us some information on driving the SUV and getting around. After renting for two weeks, we arrived at the office where the Owner (not sure of name...) asked us about our experience and if we had an issues. We had no issues at all. He was very polite and genuine. He then drove us over to the airport and helped unload the vehicle for us. They have been in business in Keflavik for a little over a year and a half and I hope they do well. We rented a SUV (Suzuki) and it came with GPS (very helpful). I would recommend Rent-A-Wreck to anyone going to Iceland.

Very good! We enjoyed it a lot! We were waiting for awhile until a representative showed up though. Also the GPS is super old, outdated and set in Italian. Wife and I had to waste some time to figure that out. I suggest get a portable wifi so you can put it on Google Maps your destinations so we aren't lost!

Pick Up is very confusing and staff at the airport had to advise us to call them for a pick up. That took an hour ("15 minutes"). We had dinner reservations, I started to panic. The car was alright, still dirty from prev. hirers and found a beer can under the seat, wipers didn't work well so whenever we were in a snow storm it got scary and it had a huge window crack. Even though advertised online when booking the car comes with a free GPS it didn't! We were told it was a summer deal and the website wasn't updated. To hear that after a long chaotic waiting session at the airport I got angry. We had to pay for a GPS at the office to then discover there was one already in the glove box! We fuelled up before return and didn't hear about any issues.

I arrived at the airport and there was no one to pick me up, even though I had provided my flight information. I checked the emails sent by Rent-a-Wreck and they provided a number I should call to "let them know when I was ready to be picked up". I tried calling several times and in different ways. No success. I sent an email. No success. After 40min, I decided to take a cab and finally arrived at the location. The service there was good, I cannot complain. When I got the car, I was informed the fuel gauge was broken and I should keep track of my gas by the kilometer range. First attempt to use the water to clean the windshield and we learned that there was no water in the container and since all the gas stations in Iceland were self service, we could not find a way to actually fill it up. The lights for "check the engine" were on the entire trip, even though nothing happened. The back light on the passenger's side was not working and the window on the driver's side was not working either. Any attempt to take a picture from the car turned into a nightmare. The drop off was uneventful. We arrived just when they were leaving to take other customers to the airport, so we did not need to wait. Over all, price and service wise, they are OK but it would be nicer to have some improved fleet offered, especially when we need to rely on the car to move within the country.

The pick up and drop off process was seamless. The staff provided us with many vital information for driving and staying safe in Iceland. However, during the drive, there was a creaking sound and it became louder as we drove. Being concerned, we enquired about this issue, but the staff assured us that he knows more about the car than us and say everything is ok when we keep to the speed limit. We did so, but the sound became louder and the car was vibrating badly. We called the staff again and he told us to find the mechanic which we did, but it was closed and we wasted more than an hour trying to get our car checked, which to no avail. We conversed with the staff 3 times in total and he did not give a good attitude for all three times, while blaming us for the sound and not giving any concrete advice and solution. Although we managed to fix the issue eventually after spending an hour of investigation, the process of conversing with the staff was very unpleasant.

Things were resolved with a discount and upgraded vehicle, but honestly there were multiple inconveniences that hampered our trip: 1) multiple confirmation emails stated Rent-A-Wreck would meet us at the airport at 5am after our flight landed, but they did not; we instead had to wait for another group's Rent-A-Wreck representative to show up and get him to check. 2) He couldn't find our reservation in their database, but using our confirmation emails did get us a rental but we had to wait until 8:45am in the airport for him to get one from another agency since they had "overbooked." 3) They wanted to not give us the discount since they wrongly wanted to put the blame on us, saying our booking was for 9am - until I showed him the confirmation email again clearly showing 5am - so they still seemed to have no idea of our reservation. 4) We returned to the agency office with the car the day our flight was leaving so they could drive us to the airport, as they instructed, but the offices were locked wth nobody inside. We had to walk a block to find another open business so we could call their office number. They were "in a garage and would be 10 minutes." I'm not sure if all of this reflects on Rent-A-Wreck's or Guide To Iceland's go-between service, but clearly we fell through the cracks somehow. As I said, things were resolved, we got to our flights on time and we did get a half-day discount for the time we were forced to waste in the airport, but that still doesn't really make up for the time lost we could have been exploring Iceland.

Pick up (Hunday) not in time (in compensation 4000 Krn of gas oïl), but it was not really kindly... Very old car (hand brake too light, brake pad on the front of the car HS last day) We had to block a rear window with some cardboard. used winsceen wiper (not enjoy in Iceland...) Automatic and mechanical locking of the door of the driver HS. Fortunately Nothing else, drop off was easy on the hotel parking (but i am waiting for the following...) I confirm that the process of conversing with the staff was very unpleasant.

Our initial experience was terrible. Our flight arrived a few minutes early at the airport. No one met us as expected. After waiting 25 minutes, we called and was told we would be picked up in 20 minutes. 40 minutes later our driver arrived. He was picking up a second couple but could not fit 4 people and luggage, so we waited another 15 minutes for him to return. After arriving at the off-site location we were told that only 1 SUV was available and both couples booked the SUV. We waited an hour for the issue to get resolved with the other couple (they had to haggle price for a front wheel drive car). When we got our vehicle, it had defective back-up light, a low tire, 1/8th talk of gas, and no wiper fluid. We were not given any details about the vehicle other than being warned it was diesel. It took over 2 hours to get our vehicle from the time we arrived. The vehicle performed fine, except for the slowly leaking tire, which we filled along our journey. The car return process was difficult because there are no signs directing folks to the off-site location. Fortunately, the vehicle process was the most difficult part of the trip and the rest of the vacation was outstanding!.

Ok, I havent expected something posh. But on the other way, I also wasnt expecting car with brakes battered down to absolut shit. Yeah, studded tires meant that we only could travel at max 70 km/h (absolutly understandable and ok) but the fucking brakes could not stop us if we were making little bigger speed. No gas cannister. I payed 5€ a day and that little thing and it was missing. Yeah, I know, I should checked the car, but I was naive and didnt expected you to behave like if you were from fucking eastern europe. At no point through booking, I wasnt noticed that I have to own credit card, not only debbet one. Plus some other minor discrepancies between Guide to Iceland and Rent a Wreck. You know, I dont thing that the wrong stuff was happening on the side of Guide to Iceland. And chap with that car was nearly hour late, but stuff like that happens (traffic jam, accidents..) Weird was only that after we left that car, nobody picked it for 24 hours (maybe more, dont know), and I was bit nervous about it, so it was better to take some pictures of all crucial things like mileage, fuel tank status, where the car is parked.. And yeah, there was little bit weird thing with the way in which we should left the car (but I wount write more because of security reasons, Rent a Wreck knows). Except for brakes in bad condition - sqeaky clutch. Other aspects of the car were ok and car was clean.

The service provided by rent-a-wreck Iceland was very good but the car was not. The representative was waiting for us at the airport when we arrived and it was a short walk to the car. He explained the car to us and helped us get on our way. We had a question during our rental and the representative answered quickly and clearly. However, the car, a Suzuki Jimny 4x4, wasn't the easiest to drive as it would severely shake a lot at higher speeds (caused by the car having larger wheels fitted that were unbalanced). Also, we chose an small SUV so we could access the off-road areas, yet we felt the car was too small to cross some of the rivers. Next time I would spend a bit more and get a larger and better SUV/4WD that is easier to drive.

This was the worst car rental experience I have ever had! When we arrived we waited almost an hour before a representative from the company showed up at the airport. I repeatedly asked him about how to return the car and he told me that I should return the car to the office and then I would be given a ride to the airport. I specifically asked about returning the car at 8:00 AM and was assured that someone be would in the office. When we arrived at 8:00 there was no one there. We waited until 8:30 and began to panic about not having enough tie to catch our flight. My son dropped me and our luggage off at the airport, changed into running clothes, and drove back to the office. He parked the car in front of the office and put the key in the mail box, because there was still no one in the office. He ran back to the airport from the rental office. This is the last time I will rent from Rent A Wreck.

The experience was good except that I had to wait 20minutes at the airport because the guy was not there in time, and that he didn't advise me.

It was a really great experience! It is easy to contact them by email and they will do their best to help you and make your trip safe. We rented a Hyundai I10 2012-2013 at a great price, which included all insurances (Collision damage waiver, Theft protection and Premium Insurance Package). First, our flight was delayed and we did not find them at the arrival as expected. We contacted them by email with free wifi in the airport and they apologized to be late (our car has to be cleaned) and they arrived 10 minutes later ... with a bigger car : a Hyundai I30. The first evening, quite late, something was wrong with the battery. We contacted them again by email (it is the best way to contact them !) and, few minutes later, they answered that they will deliver us an other car at 10.30 on the morning, a bigger one (Renault Clio 2014 model). That was a nice surprise, we were happy to get a car with a big trunk. Their service is really 24/7 :) Then, we spent really great days in Iceland, and the car was very very pleasant to drive. Rent-A-Wreck team have a very good staff, helpful, and efficient. We recommend them !

We rent a small 2011 Suzuki Jimny 4x4, it was ok at overall but we miss some connectivity characteristics through AUX cables or USB, but nothing important. Very good staff, they gave us the chance to receive us at the airport and drop off the car a few hours later!..that made things very much easy for us!... great detail!. We had a little accident with the windshield. To solve it we were able to negotiate with the car provider, he was very understanding and we reach a fair settlement. Is important to ask for all the details and how to act in case of accident, specially in lonely roads like Iceland. Overall very good staff, great prices! I recommend!.

We rent a Suzuki Gran Vitara for 10 days. Very good state and perfectly cleaned. They waiting for us at the airport and come to Reykjavik for the drop-off. I recommend !

It was a good experience. We had a suzuki jmny 4x4 for 14 days. On the arrival they were waiting for us. It was a bit of a scare when we saw that the car had 130.000 km. Certainly when I read that in case of car trouble ,immobilizing th car, we only had the right to bus tickets an not another car. That could ruin our vacation. But the car did very well. No trouble at all. Also on the gravel where the 4x4 was a blessing. We left the car at the airport hotel with the keys ont he front tyre like they asked. That is a bit unusual but it worked out fine.

We got the car at a great price, which included all the necessary insurances for all the dangers and treachery of Iceland roads. There was a little hiccup at the beginning of the trip: although I had e-mailed the rental company the day before we left to ensure we would be picked up from the airport, no one was there to get us. I called probably 20 times before someone picked up. Apparently we fell through the cracks due to the prior day being a holiday. The car itself was fine, a 2011 Hyundai hatchback, which was an automatic (I was a little disappointed, because I was looking forward to driving the manual we requested). It was not 4WD, but it handled gravel roads fine for the most part. One road was so bumpy that the negative battery terminal came off the battery; luckily I had a Leatherman multi-tool with me and was able to reconnect/tighten the connection. Drop-off was more or less painless...we had a little trouble identifying exactly where to drop the car off, since our pickup office was not the company we actual reserved through, but once we found it, the representative drove us to the airport in the rental car. This was nice, since we didn't have to move our luggage. The post-rental inspection was a breeze. They didn't scrutinize the car in search of the tiniest imperfections for which to tack on frivolous charges. Despite the rough start to the trip, the car was fine (and we probably put close to 2,000km on it in 5 days), and the Rent-A-Wreck team was friendly, helpful, and laid back.

Hi, We took the car directly at Kaflevik airport. Date was. The car was a Dacia Duster 4x4. Very good for usual road and easy mountain ways. Not possible to go in real Highlands. Last good point : we could let the car at the hotel without meeting enable us to save time. One bad point : the GPS we received was not so easy to use and it did not found all the destination. Finally, we recommend Rent a Wreck ! Thanks !

Excellent experience! We were picked up straight from the airport upon arrival by very friendly reps. Also, as our return flight was early, they made it very simple for us to drop the car nearby. The used Suzuki Jimmy we had was perfect: a sturdy, reliable 4x4 which took us everywhere we'd planned to go... and more! We will definitely recommend Rent-a-Wreck to our friends if they ever visit Iceland. The best value for money around!

Thanks to the staff, they waited for us at the arrival, are flexible to return the car because of the early flight. The GPS was necessary in the country !

Best rate we found! Especially for a 4x4! Picking up and returning the car was very easy and convenient. Friendly staff!

Great price for the right size and type of car that we needed. So relaxed when we picked up the Jimny. The guys explained the information we needed really clearly and went through everything to make sure we were happy. Car was clean and in good order. Would definitely go through Guide to Iceland to use RentAWreck again.

Great experience. Flight was delayed but no issue to pick up car. Very reasonable price, great car no issues at all. Thanks for great experience

Friendly Staff and good prices. I would recommend.

Excellent service, very efficient, thorough and professional. I highly recommend especially a this price.

I would have given 5 stars but the tracking was out on the car which made driving over ice a bit more interesting and only one speaker worked in the car, basic things to rectify. Service was excellent though! Collection and drop off were fool proof, I will probably use again, but maybe select a better car! (Incidentally the picture was of a Hyundai i10 and we ended up in a Dacia Logan Estate!)

it was a wonderful experience with rent a wreck, everything went smoothly, excellent service fits all your needs, also the price compare with other company is cheaper, i would recommend them.

We had a wonderful rental experience. The pickup and drop off was extremely easily. We had a question regarding our drop off and sent them an email about it. We received a response in literally 2 minutes and were reassured. Great service ! I would definitely recommend them.

Excellent service, the car was as described by pictures and by phone. The timing of pick-up and drop-off work perfectly. Reccommand it for my experience.

My experience with rent a wreck was awesome, tr service is excellent, they pick you up from te airport and drop you off all on time, with te best email communication I've ever experienced from a rental car company. Save yourself the hassle of the large name brand companies and rent from rent a wreck, you will not regret it! Great experience, thank you so much guys!!

Rent-A-Wreck is worth to recommend. Rented a Suzuki Jimny with them for a week in August and had a overall great experience. Friendly stuff and You can't beat their prices :)

This renting was the only BAD thing about our travel in Iceland. We were provided with a car that wasn't working well + it had no handbrake. When we asked to have an other car or to cancel, we were rudely answered by the staff that it wasn't possible. Finally, and after having lost almost our first afternoon in Iceland, they magically found us another car (that one working well)! So I'd say the staff is not experimented and doesn't behave like adults (especially when they start to play FIFA in the backroom, or are on Facebook while dealing with our problem!)

Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Keflavik Airport area. We have a range of vehicles for hire, including small cars, 4x4 Small jeeps,and we are always increasing our fleet. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire. All of our cars are 2011-2014 Model. Don´t let the name fool you! Our cars are far from wrecks.
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