How to travel to Iceland. How to travel within Iceland. And how to travel to surrounding islands.

Iceland by Air

Getting to Iceland by airPhoto Credit: Kuster & Wildhaber Photography on Flickr

Being an island in the North Atlantic, Iceland is only accessible by sea or by air.

A number of airlines operate scheduled flights to Iceland. Find all airlines flying to Iceland here.

Wow Air and Icelandair are Icelandic airlines that fly to a wider selection of cities than other airlines. Wow Air is a budget airline that flies from selected cities in North America and Europe and Icelandair provide direct flights to Iceland from a larger network of locations than any other airline, while perhaps being one of the most expensive options.

You can compare the prices between all flights here.

Iceland by Sea

The blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean

Four times every month, from April to October, the MS Norröna smart car-ferry sails from Hanstholm in Denmark, to Bergen in Norway, and docks in Seyðisfjörður in East Iceland, allowing passengers travelling from Europe to bring their cars, motorcycles and caravans with them on their journey.

Transportation within Iceland

A countryroad in Iceland

  • Two-thirds of Iceland’s population inhabits the Greater Reykjavik Area while the rest of the country is quite sparsely populated. The primary means of domestic travel in Iceland is the personal automobile and most tourists rent a car while travelling in Iceland.

    You can check out some good options here and read our ultimate guide to driving in Iceland here.

  • Visitors belonging to more modest income-groups tend to utilize more economical ways of travelling. Hitchhiking from Reykjavik is relatively easy, and you are likely to get picked up by one of the first cars you see. In some areas outside Reykjavik, you might, however, have to walk for hours before seeing a car driving your direction.

  • For a more reliable mode of transport, from one major traffic junction to another, travellers are advised to use Iceland’s affordable and dependable public transport system, short of a railway, but consisting of a massive fleet of reliable buses and aeroplanes.

    You can find bus tickets to anywhere in Iceland here.

  • Air Iceland and Eagle Air operate regular scheduled flights to all the major airports in Iceland. Domestic flights are short and airports are efficient, you just have to be there half an hour before your flight. Still, Iceland's weather is extremely unpredictable and cancellations are common in the winter time.

  • Taxis can be ordered in the number (00354) 588 55 22, or (00354) 56 10000. They're comfortable but expensive.

  • Carpooling is both cheap and nature-friendly. Check out the website It's awesome.

  • Or, check out our friends at kukucampers. They can get you a car with a bed in it. 

How to get to Surrounding Islands

Flatey island in Breiðafjörður fjord

  • The ferry to the Westman Islands, Herjolfur, leaves from Landeyjahöfn or Þorlákshöfn, both in south Iceland.

  • For day tours to Flatey in Breidafjordur fjord see here.

  • The ferry Saefari leaves from Dalvik in North Iceland to the islands Grimsey and Hrisey.

  • To reach Greenland, use Air Iceland or Air Greenland. And see here for our tour in Greenland.