I recently moved back to Iceland after living abroad for a few years and I‘m now rediscovering the beauty of my country.

Iceland may not be known as the land of opportunities but when you visit, you will find the opportunities to be abundant. The extreme contrasts in Icelandic nature are what separates this island from so many other places I´ve traveled to. You can go from moon like terrain (Nasa astronauts trained here for the Apollo mission) to beautiful mossy covered lava fields, spectacular waterfalls, geysers and glaciers and the best part is that the distances are so short that a lot can be covered in a short amount of time.

Contrasts in nature

Pristine nature aside there‘s also more extreme activities like white water rafting, snowmobiling on a glacier or even diving the ravine between the Eurasian and the American continental plates and all within reach from Reykjavík city where at the end of the day I have my pick of fine dining restaurants to recharge my batteries before the bustling local nightlife takes over the whole downtown area. This is where my skills lay, I‘m very social by nature so it made sense to me to open a bar downtown which keeps me right in the center of the organized chaos that is the Reykjavik city culture.

Reykjavik pond and nightlife

I‘m glad to back home and I‘m excited to experience Iceland through my new lens.