After going to the mall this weekend I‘m faced with the blatant reality that Christmas is about to fall face first into my lap! This is something that I undeniably knew was coming yet seems to sneak up on me every single year. It starts with the subtle hints of jingles playing in the stores quickly followed with a visual display of Christmas ornaments and strings of lights and perhaps even a jolly ole Santa Clause propped up on a pedestal for all to see and enjoy.

Let there be snow!

Now don‘t get me wrong, I love Christmas(this may possibly be a slight overstatement). For me Christmas is a certain turning point. You see since I got home this summer I‘ve been telling myself that winter is merely “coming“ (something Icelanders tell themselves quite a lot I suspect) but by Christmas time it‘s safe to just say that winter is simply here, regardless of weather conditions. And with winter in Iceland there‘s the inevitability of snow, which again ushers in one of my favourites. Snowboarding season!


I‘ve been living on a sunny white beach with palm trees doubling as my Christmas trees for the past few years so the idea of a white Christmas (even some pine trees) sounds very enticing to me and after checking the weather forecast it seems it just might start snowing on Christmas day!  

So I say let there be snow, and lots of it! The more the merrier, the sooner the better! Time to dust off the old gear, update some equipment and see what I‘ve been missing. The two main ski resorts have already opened, Bláfjöll here in the south and Hlíðarfjall by Akureyri in the north and I can‘t wait to hit the slopes again.

Vopni - Blafjoll