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I'm a local girl from Reykjavík. When not travelling around Iceland, you can usually find me downtown at concerts, shows or other artsy events. Feel free to contact me for advice about life in Iceland or anything else you might think of.
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The National Icelandic Horse Competition 2018

Horse riding in Iceland is a popular sport, and although it can be enjoyed all year round, the summer is definitely the best time to ride. The summer is also when one of the country’s biggest equestrian events is held, Landsmót or The National Icelandic Horse Competition, a bi-annual festival showcasing the country’s best horses and riders. The festival had a little headstart as smaller events and competitions were held this past week at Víðidalur valley in the Árbær suburbs of Reykjavík city. The area is only a short bus ride away and with a Reykjavík City Card, you'll ride the bus for fr

A Local's Guide to the Secluded Flatey Island

My family hails from the little island of Flatey on Breiðafjörður Bay. My grandfather was born and raised there, and we still own the house in which he was born. Flatey is definitely my favourite place in Iceland. The houses on this remote island were built over a hundred years ago and are so well preserved that when you step off the ferry at Flatey, it feels like you are stepping back in time. When you walk the short distance from the pier to the centre of the village, you are greeted by sheep, chickens and the only dog on the island. It is fantastic. Flatey is really desolated, only tw

Daniel Lismore Exhibition in Reykjavik - Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Photo credit: Katla Einars As I stepped out of the elevator on the fifth floor of Harpa Concert Hall, I was greeted by a 193 cm tall figure, draped in luxurious, floor-length fabrics, elaborately decorated by jewels and other accessories. This is one of the 38 sculptures found in the Daniel Lismore exhibition, titled 'Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken'. I wanted to make it to the three o’clock guided tour of the exhibition, which is held every day by the artist himself. I feared I was late so I rushed past this life-like figure but was met by another one. This one, however, was mov

Things to do in Reykjavik on a Rainy Day | Freddi Arcade & Toy Museum

Do you miss the good ol’ days when plumbers rescued princesses in a land of mushrooms, and pizza-obsessed reptiles fought the forces of evil from their sewer hideout? When a group of sword-wielding cat people protected the inhabitants of Third Earth and Prince Adam would get superhuman strength by summoning the powers of Grayskull? (Seriously, was everybody on drugs in the 80s?) Well, you’re in luck! There is a place in downtown Reykjavík that lets you feel like your old teenage self again. A place where those suffering from a bad case of nostalgia can come and relive their glory days of th

Reykjavik Folk Festival 2018

If you are looking for the perfect break from the constant wind, rain, snow, frost, or whatever this Icelandic weather is throwing at us at the moment, then check out the Reykjavík Folk Festival that starts this Thursday (the 1st of March). Held at the Kex hostel, smack in the middle of downtown Reykjavík, the festival is now in its eighth year and its ever-growing popularity only speaks to the quality of the festival as well as the quality of Iceland’s musicians. Learn more about The Music of Iceland here. Folk music has a very long history in Iceland, evolving from the rhymes of the old

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Horse Riding for Chickens

The Icelandic horse is a stunning and beautiful creature that was brought to this little island over a thousand years ago with the Viking settlers. Since then it has been here in isolation, adapting to the cold climate and rugged landscapes.  This is why the Icelandic horse is much shorter than other horse breeds, and because it has lived here for centuries without any natural predators, it is also quite friendly and not easily spooked. Making it the perfect animal for those who fear everything (like me!). Read more about my fear of Snowmobiles here And my fear of heights as I take a Heli

Horror in Iceland | Frostbiter: Icelandic Horror Film Festival

Halloween was never really celebrated in Iceland when I was growing up. For costumes and candy, we had Ash Wednesday, where kids would dress up and sing in stores for treats. However, Ash Wednesday missed all that is fun about Halloween, mainly the horror! Today, Halloween is gaining some momentum. Ghosts and ghouls took over the streets of Reykjavík both in the form of children on the 31st and in the form of drunken adults on the previous weekend. Various Halloween events were held throughout the city in the preceding days, everything from live concerts to drag shows.  Halloween horror sh

Scenic Helicopter Tour for Chickens

Hey, Svanhildur. Do you want to go on a scenic helicopter tour?You mean…like…in the air…as in high up…really high up???Yeah! It will be great! You’ll get to view the city from above and the landscape around.Yes… in the air…UP…in the air. HIGH above… Sure, I’ll do it. That is something normal people would do right?What?Nevermind… This is how I, the chicken, ended up on a helicopter tour. Being afraid of most things, I am, of course, afraid of heights, but helicopters are really cool. Like really, really cool. So, I figured I could squash my fears in favour of looking like a president or a ra

Snowmobiling for Chickens

A few days ago I got asked if I wanted to go snowmobiling on top of Langjökull glacier. And for some strange reason, I said yes. Now, I am the sort of person who never goes on a rollercoaster, I drive under the speed limit, and I can’t even think about parachuting without getting nauseous. In short: I am a chicken. So going on a snowmobile tour is something I imagined I would never do, and definitely something I thought I could never enjoy. I was wrong.  Find snowmobiling tours here As I said, I am afraid of most things, everything from heights to awkward social situations (and puppets...I ha

Children's Culture Festival 2017

Many Icelanders have switched their Facebook profile picture to a photo of themselves as a child with the hashtag #barnamenning. Why? Well, the reason is The Children’s Culture Festival, an annual event that is now in its seventh year. The event is dedicated to children and young people in Reykjavík, up to the age of sixteen. Through the medium of workshop and performances, the festival aims to introduce the youth to a wide variety of arts with the emphasis on participation, focusing on the child as an artist.  During these days an array of activities will be available throughout the city

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