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Najważniejsze informacje - Nýidalur/Jökuldalur

Mountains, Valleys
Rif, Iceland
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Nyidalur (a.k.a. Jokuldalur) is a valley in the Icelandic Highlands, south of the glacier Tungnafellsjokull and north of Hofsjokull glacier. It is a frequent stop for travellers of the highlands, as huts of The Icelandic Touring Association are located there.

Explore this area while on a self drive tour in Iceland.

The huts are located around 800 m above sea level at the mouth of the valley. The older hut has two floors. They both have a kitchen, a warden’s room, and a sleeping hall, with further sleeping quarters on the above floor. They both accommodate 120 people in bunks or on mattresses and their kitchens have oil-stoves, pots and pans, but no other utensils.

The valley itself is well vegetated and the Tungnafell glacier and Vonarskard pass, across the Mjohals mountain ridge, offer good opportunities for hiking.