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Frequently Asked Questions

About Self Drive Tours in Iceland

Self drive tours are holidays where you drive to your destinations yourself and choose how to fill your days. Your accommodation, vehicle and excursions are all organised prior to arrival.

Follow a personalised travel itinerary, prepared by local experts at Guide to Iceland, and navigate to Iceland's must-see attractions easily. You can, of course, add extra tours and activities to your itinerary during the reservation process.

1. Can I shift the dates of my self drive tour after I have booked?

Yes, but it depends on availability and a 15% service fee will be added to the price of the entire booking.

2. Can I book the activities and tours later?

We recommend that you book activities and tours as soon as you book the self drive tour, but they can be added later.

3. What happens if roads are closed due to weather or a natural disaster, and I can't reach my destination?

If the roads are closed, we will assist you with all the necessary arrangements in any way possible. Our capability, however, depends on the availability of hotels and tours. If new hotel or tour bookings are needed, there might be extra charges, but we will always do our very best to rebook without any additional costs to the customer.

4. How and where do I pick up my car?

Either a car rental representative will await you in the airport's arrivals hall, or you will board a free shuttle that will transfer you to the car rental service station which is situated a very short distance from the airport. Be sure to check your voucher for further information.

5. I arrive late at night, will I be able to pick up my car?

Yes, you will be able to pick up and drop off your car at Keflavík International Airport at any time.

6. Do I need to be in possession of an international driver's licence?

The information on the driver's licence must be written in the Latin/Roman alphabet. Although an international driver's licence is preferred, it is not necessary. Also, you must carry the actual driver's license with you at all times, not a copy.

7. Is there a maximum age for car rentals?

No, there are no maximum age requirements, but all drivers must, of course, be in possession of a valid driver's license.

8. What are the minimum requirements to rent a car?

It depends on the car rental. The minimum age limit in Iceland, however, is always set between 20 and 23 years old. Additionally, the driver must have held the driver's licence for at least one year. A credit card in the name of the driver must be provided. Be sure to contact your travel planner for further information.

9. Is there unlimited mileage?


10. I'm travelling with a small child, will I be provided with a baby car seat? Are there baby cribs in the hotels?

Yes, we happily provide travel services to families of all sizes. Please inform your travel agent about the age of the children, and all the necessary arrangement will be made prior to your arrival.

11. Can I add insurances to the rental car?

Yes, you can add all the insurances that are offered by the car rental. Contact your travel planner to inquire about your options and extra costs. 

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