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Aurora Igloo, Stekkatún, Hella, Iceland
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Tucked away near the charming town of Hella, Aurora Igloo offers a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience in Iceland. These domed igloo pods are strategically placed in the Icelandic countryside, providing guests with an unparalleled opportunity to sleep under the stars and potentially witness the magnificent northern lights.

With easy access to the Ring Road and top South Coast attractions, Aurora Igloo is a perfect stopping point on your road trip or cross-country adventure. Experience the beauty of the northern lights in a unique setting that combines comfort with adventure.

Location & Nearby Attractions
Aurora Igloo is just outside Hella, a quaint town in South Iceland. The property is only a short distance from the Ring Road, meaning guests have easy access to the enchanting landscapes and attractions of the South Coast.

For nature enthusiasts, a series of stunning waterfalls are within easy reach. Aegissidufoss, Urridafoss, Arbaejarfoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Gljufrabui are all within a drivable distance. Within 10 to 35 miles (about 16 to 56 kilometers) of the property, these waterfalls offer spectacular views and picturesque settings for memorable excursions.

Other South Coast attractions, such as dramatic black-sand beaches and rugged stretches of coastline, are also within a reasonable distance, making Aurora Igloo an excellent starting point for a South Coast adventure. Discover the unspoiled landscapes of Iceland, where you can witness the raw beauty of nature in its purest form.

Visitors can also find essential amenities in Hella, including a grocery store, restaurants, and cafes. The Caves of Hella are also worth a visit. This distinctive series of caves is rich in historical significance and offers a glimpse into the geological marvels of this region. Explore the local culture and savor the traditional Icelandic cuisine at nearby eateries.

Facilities & Amenities
The glamping pods at the Aurora Igloo property are entirely clear, offering a mesmerizing view of the night sky. This design allows guests the rare chance to fall asleep under a blanket of stars or the ethereal northern lights, creating a magical and unforgettable experience.

Each pod is designed for intimacy and privacy. The igloos are separated from each other by a wall, ensuring that guests have their own secluded space. Curtains are present in each pod in case you want extra privacy.

The pods have a double bed, a small table, and a pair of chairs. For convenience, bathroom facilities are in a service house just a few steps from the igloos. Additionally, each pod is equipped with heating to ensure comfort during chilly nights, allowing for a snug environment regardless of the weather outside.

Why Choose Aurora Igloo?
Aurora Igloo is more than just an accommodation. It's an immersive experience in Iceland's natural beauty. The countryside provides a tranquil and breathtaking backdrop, with views of the surrounding mountains adding to the allure. The transparent igloos offer a warm, cozy environment, making it an ideal retreat for couples or anyone seeking a unique stay.

Book a stay at Aurora Igloo in South Iceland to embrace the extraordinary. Check availability now by choosing a date. 

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Aurora Igloo

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