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Путеводитель: Litli Barinn

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Food & Drinks, Bars & Cafés
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Ránargata 4a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Часы работы
15:00 - 22:00
Расстояние от центра
0.6 км

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at Litli Barinn after a day of exploringLitli Barinn is a cozy restaurant and bar in downtown Reykjavik. It's located on the first floor of the Local 101 hotel, and it's just a few minutes walk from many popular attractions. It's known for its great drink selection, fantastic unique dishes, and reasonable prices, so make sure to stop by when visiting Iceland's capital!

It's best to book your table at Litli Barinn ahead of time, but they also keep some tables available for walk-ins if you're feeling spontaneous.

There's a great selection of different wines at Litli BarinnThis charming neighborhood bar has a great selection of tasty cocktails, such as the best margarita in town! They have great wines by the glass with an additional range of high-quality wine bottles, many of which are natural wines. If you prefer, there are also beer and non-alcoholic options to choose from, and they regularly get new and interesting additions to their selection. Make sure to check out their happy hour as well, which goes from 3 PM to 6 PM.

To heighten the visit, Litli Barinn has an interesting menu featuring fantastic small plates and delicious mains, half of which are vegetarian and some are vegan. We especially recommend the melted brie with honey, pistachio, and rosemary or the soft-boiled eggs over skyr with hollandaise and roe, both of which go perfectly with the freshly baked bread. The more dishes you try, the better!

Try multiple small dishes or go for a filling main at Litli Barinn

Their mains are also innovative, with the sweet beetroot, pesto, and almonds over cabbage being sinfully good. There's also a tasty local club sandwich and great roasted tomato soup. Don't miss out on the lamb sausage made from Icelandic lamb in-house!

The concept behind Litli Barinn is that everything is supposed to reflect Icelandic history and culture. There's great emphasis on using local ingredients when possible and they only play music by Icelandic artists, creating a unique atmosphere that's distinct to this cozy bar.

Litli BarinnThe location and decor add to the charm of Litli Barinn. While it's just by the city center, it's just along a quiet side street, and the stylish dining area is framed by large windows and lit with warm lighting, making it very homey. The walls are also decorated with interesting photography, which is worth checking out!

Litli Barinn has some really pretty cocktailsLitli Barinn is a lovely retreat from a day of adventuring in Reykjavik, with delicious food from interesting, local ingredients and memorable cocktails. The great drink selection ensures everyone will find something to suit their taste.

Make sure to check out Litli Barinn when exploring the city center and staying in Reykjavik accommodation. It's perfect for chatting away the evening with friends or a bit of romance with a date night. You can simply drop by for a delicious meal and drink, but it's always best to book your Litli Barinn table ahead of time to make so you don't miss out!

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