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ТоурсмёркThorsmork is a nature reserve in the southern Icelandic highlands. It is one of the country's most popular hiking destinations and a prime location for photographers and nature lovers.

Named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder, Thorsmork is truly a sight to behold. Nestled between gigantic glaciers, this nature reserve offers an intimate experience with diverse Icelandic landscapes. With hidden waterfalls and breathtaking panoramic views, a visit to Thorsmork is something you're unlikely to forget.

Strictly speaking, Thorsmork is a valley and a mountain range between the rivers of Krossa, Thronga, and Markarfljot rivers, but the locals often use the name Thorsmork when referring to a much larger region surrounding it.

As with other locations in Iceland's Highlands, Thorsmork is only accessible during the summer months. The road to the area is rugged, so if you wish to visit the region by yourself, you will need to rent a four-wheel drive. Alternatively, you could go for a Super Jeep & hiking tour of Thorsmork, where a local expert will guide you to the best the valley has to offer. 

How to Get to Thorsmork

ТоурсмёркTo get to Thorsmork by car, you drive the southern Ring Road and then take Road 249 to get closer to the valley. As previously mentioned, you will need a four-wheel drive as the road has unbridged rivers, so smaller rental cars won't cut it. The Icelandic Highlands are inaccessible during the winter months (October 16th to April 30th), so do not attempt to make the journey outside of summer.

The final river before entering Thorsmork is Krossa, which should only be crossed by experienced drivers on a four-wheel drive when conditions allow, as the river can be very dangerous for any type of vehicle. Alternatively, you could visit the area with an expert on a super jeep and hiking tour of Thorsmork

As you enter Thorsmork, you will be greeted by stunning sceneries and a campsite where you will find amenities such as an information center where you can learn all about the nearby hiking trails, a restaurant, and a shop.

Things to Do in Thorsmork

Many glaciers extend into the valley of Thor.

Thorsmork's landscapes are home to some of Iceland's most astonishing hiking routes. Two of the most popular trails in Iceland, the Fimmvorduhals and the Laugavegur routes, start or end in Thorsmork. These multi-day hiking trails require a decent level of fitness and some bit of preparation.

Fimmvorduhals is a 19-mile (30 kilometers) trail that takes you into the hills beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano and to the volcanic craters of Magni and Modi, which erupted during the 2010 eruption. 

The 34-mile (55-kilometer) Laugavegur path takes you from Thorsmork to the Landmannalaugar area, which is home to an incredible wealth of hot springs and rhyolite mountains of vibrant colors.

ТоурсмёркThere are also multiple shorter hiking routes within Thorsmork that can take from an hour and up to an entire day. Hiking to the top of the mountain Valahnukur is a popular and accessible activity in Thorsmork and will reward those who climb to the top with an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Another site of interest in Thorsmork is the canyon Stakkholtsgja. Traversing to and into the canyon feels like something out of an adventure novel, with steep, moss-covered cliffs and a gentle stream that guides visitors towards a treasure at the end: a secluded waterfall. 

Where to Stay in Thorsmork

Glamping tent in Þórsmörk by Volcano Huts

If you wish to stay in Thorsmork for more than a day, Volcano Huts offers a few different ways to do so, depending on your preference. A common option is staying in one of their cozy cottages, either by renting an entire cottage, a private room, or by staying in an affordable dorm. These should be booked well in advance as space is limited.

Volcano Huts also operates a campsite where you can bring your own tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gear. If you want to camp in style, you could look into the glamping option, where you can get a deluxe double tent. These spacious tents have an electric heater, down duvets, and woolen blankets to provide extra warmth and comfort. 

There are also plenty of great accommodation options available just outside of Thorsmork. The Garage offers cozy studio apartments located between the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss, which is in a good location if you want to visit Thorsmork or see other attractions on the South Coast.

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