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Путеводитель: Tres Locos

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Food & Drinks
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Hafnarstræti 4 101, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
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17:00 - 22:30
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402 м

Tres Locos is a fun restaurant to go with a group of friends to enjoy great food and colorful cocktails

Tres Locos is an excellent Mexican restaurant in central Reykjavik with an amazing décor and delicious food. If you're in the mood for tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, and plenty of Mexican-style cocktails, there is no better place to go in the city. We recommend booking a table at Tres Locos beforehand to ensure your spot.

Tres Locos is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in central Reykjavik, Iceland

Located close to Ingolfstorg square in an unassuming red building with the blinders down. On a cold day in Iceland, it can be like entering another world as you step through the door into Tres Locos. You will be greeted with rhythmic Latin music, a smile from your host, and the wonderful scent of Mesoamerican cooking in the air.

Tres Locos has excellent tacos that are worth tryingIt's worth it to take the time to bask in your surroundings, as the dedication to detail is off the charts at Tres Locos. There are multiple handpainted murals on the wall depicting staples from Mexican culture, including Calavera skulls, Day of the Dead masks, and on the second floor is a giant mural of a luchador wrestler on the wall, which makes for a great photo opportunity.
A collection of Calavera skulls on display at Tres Locos in downtown ReykjavikAdditionally, you can see a collection of sombrero hats hanging on the wall and an impressive amount of cacti. Just be careful not to sting yourself when you're standing up to go to the bathroom! And speaking of the bathrooms, they are also delicately decorated, with used wooden wine boxes replacing the typical white plastic hand towel dispensers.

At Tres Locos you can also get a steak with great Mexican side dishesBut as much as the décor is a feast for the eyes, the true feast for the senses is what's on the menu. The main courses include beef tenderloin, rib eye, and lamb rump with authentic Mexican sides. There is also a great selection of tacos and tostadas, which are best served in pairs or more, allowing you to explore multiple flavors. If you're feeling really good, try the Wagyu Taquito, which uses genuine A5 wagyu from Japan, mixed with the flavors of Mexico. Yum!

Tacos as served at Tres Locos in Reykjavik, IcelandFor something extra, the plantain chips come highly recommended. The blend of the sweetness of the banana with the hotness of the salsa makes for a great snack, either pre- or post-dinner. There is even a separate menu for Mexican products to buy and take with you, including Mexican cola with authentic sugar cane.

The presentation of the cocktails is excellent at Tres Locos in Reykjavik, IcelandTo top off the night, a genuine Mexican-style cocktail is a must, and fortunately, Tres Locos has a wide selection. There are many variations of Margaritas to choose from if you want to go for something classic. You can also choose some of the signature cocktails created by the excellent mixologists at Tres Locos, served in a dramatic fashion. If it's not a smoking skull, it could be a monkey wearing a sombrero. Who knows?! All we know is that it tastes good.

The cocktail bar at Tres Locos is worth giving a tryTres Locos is a great destination in the world's northernmost capital to escape to a Mexican wonderland for a few hours, enjoy delicious food, drink some margaritas, and take in the immersive atmosphere. If you want to try it out, book a table at Tres Locos right now to guarantee your spot.

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