Hi! I manage a project in the Westfjords called Wildfjords. I am originally from Suffolk, UK, have trained as a Wilderness Guide in Finland, and have worked as a guide in Iceland, South Africa, Swedish Lapland and the UK. The project exists to share the beautiful Westfjords region with you, with all its wonderful land and seascapes, its many opportunities for adventure and the generous hospitality of the people that live here. We're now in the 4th year of running unique wilderness trips, researching old animal herding and walking routes between Ísafjörður and Látrabjarg, gaining funding to carry out landscape conservation work and dreaming a way forward for the project to bring benefit to the land, local people and visitors. Two main strands to our project are: 1. To develop a printed and online trail resource for local companies and adventurous travellers to make use of 2. To develop and offer unique wilderness experiences that teach new ecological skills and perspectives. Check out my Guide to Iceland Blog for more details.