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Aurora Arktika´s main mission is to allow our guests to play outdoors as much as possible and to share this with other like-minded people from all over the world! We grew up in the Westfjords of Iceland surrounded by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean and quickly found ways to enjoy the elements –summer and winter, sunshine or rain, calm or stormy weather.

Our love for the wild and beautiful lands of the high Arctic and the greater North Atlantic led us to explore further on foot, on skis, by kayak and under sail. We also found that it was much more fun to bring others along with us and help them to enjoy the same thrills and pleasures through exciting but safe adventure holidays.

What sort of business is Aurora Arktika? Yes, we like to run a sustainable operation in every sense of the word possible, but growth and expansion are not key to us. We stay true to our core values of silent travel, protection of the natural environment and respect of the local cultures. We strive not to harm the environment and we seek constant improvement of our operations towards sustainability.

Our expedition sailboat Aurora is the centrepiece of our operation, yet ‘sailing’ is not our primary objective. We will of course enjoy cruising under sail whenever conditions allow but Aurora, primarily serves as our ‘movable backcountry hut’ and provides the best options to access interesting and exciting destinations and enjoy great activities on land and at sea. Onboard Aurora we gain access to some of the world´s most remote and captivating places with expert local guidance for backcountry skiing, kayaking, hiking, photography, wildlife watching or any other activity you may be looking for. After a great day enjoying the outdoors, we’ll return to Aurora and be greeted with gourmet meals from tasty and wholesome local ingredients, warm and comfortable bunks, and friendly conversation.

From March to May we backcountry ski in the beautiful Hornstrandir wilderness area. During June and July we kayak, hike and run wildlife trips in Iceland’s Westfjords as well as expeditions to the remote volcanic island of Jan Mayen. In August and September we are on expeditions in East Greenland.

Come and explore the North Atlantic with Aurora Arktika. Our experience and local knowledge guarantees you safe, fun-filled tours and expeditions in Iceland, Greenland and Jan Mayen.

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This is what 2014 was like

Looking back, we are very happy with the 2014 season. We had some fantastic guests onboard our Aurora Arktika and together with them we had some great adventures in Iceland, Greenland and Jan Mayen. We began the season skiing in some of the empty fjords in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, then we did a scuba diving trip, wildlife, hiking and kayaking trips in the same region. A quick trip up to Jan Mayen and back to Iceland. Then season ended in the fantastic East Greenland where we saw 6 pola

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Top 11 Highlights of the Westfjords Summer Season

1. Scuba Diving In the beginning of summer we did a trip with Dive.is and some of their people. The objective of that trip was to explore some new and exciting diving spots, spots that are hard to access and have even never been dived before. Our friend Simbi caught this amazing video when they were scuba diving with razorbills and guillemots under the great bird cliffs of Hornbjarg and Hælavíkurbjarg. 2. Fishing In mid summer the waters in our region are teeming with life. Birds are eve

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Highlights from the Hornstrandir ski season

Now that we are already starting to prepare for the next season, it's good to sit back and refresh some of our favorite memories from the 2014 season The wild and rough Lonafjordur is one of our favourite fjords. It has some of Hornstrandir's best ski touring terrain and many steep couloirs that have never been skied. It's always fun to ski something new, something that we've had our eyes on for years. One day in late March the weather was perfect and snow conditions ideal, so McKenna Peters

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Summer in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Summer is over in the Westfjords of Iceland and our expedition sailboat Aurora Arktika is docked for the winter in Isafjordur after a great season in her favourite areas in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. This part of Iceland was settled more than a thousand years ago and people lived in harmony with nature until the last inhabitants moved away in 1952. The decades before were times of major changes in the Icelandic society, people moved from the more remote areas into the towns and it became

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