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Instagrammer, photographer and adventurer, Gunnar Freyr is exploring Iceland one picture at a time. Born and raised by Icelandic parents in Denmark, it has always been Gunnar‘s desire to live in his home country and explore its beautiful nature. In late 2014, feeling overworked and unfulfilled, he decided to quit his corporate job in Copenhagen, sell most of his belongings and buy a one-way ticket to Iceland. Suit and tie were replaced by the traditional Icelandic woollen sweater and a pair of hiking boots, and the all-night working hours were exchanged with beautiful moments spent in the Icelandic wilderness. At first, photography and Instagram was only a beautiful hobby. However, the overwhelming success of his Instagram feed has inspired him to take his project to the next level. Launching his website, blog on Guide to Iceland and engaging in partnerships with a number of exclusive companies and brands that inspire him and that he feels proud to represent, is a great driver to further adventures.


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Laugavegur Trek

What is the Laugavegur trek? What is Fimmvörðuháls? Read up on Iceland's most popular hikes here. I recently completed a 6-day hike doing the famous Laugavegur trek, starting in Landmannalaugar and finishing in Þórsmörk – PLUS the incredible Fimmvörðuhals. This trip easily incorporates some of the most incredible sights that Iceland has to offer – and if you got the time and money to spare, I would say it is an absolute must. You can complete the trip by yourself and do it in just a few days, you can also opt for a trip with one of the leading providers of wilderness hikes in Iceland. You

Three Day Getaway to Siglufjörður and the Troll Peninsula

If you want to spend some time getting off the beaten track, and away from the crowds in the South, heading to the Troll Peninsula in the North of Iceland is an excellent idea. It’s a unique and serene experience, much like Iceland used to be “in the good old days”. And if you want to truly treat yourself at any point during your trip, make sure that it happens in the gorgeous little town of Siglufjörður – where you can get the chance to stay at the beautiful Sigló Hotel. I went there recently on a three-day adventure, using Siglufjörður as my base for exploring, and here are some of the h

Why You Should Visit Iceland During The Winter

Why you should visit Iceland during the winter There are plenty of reasons why you should consider coming to Iceland during the winter time. Of course, that midnight sun and bright blue sky is appealing, but if you ask me, the winter is when the real magic happens. Better Light If your aim is to get the best possible photographs, then the winter might just be your best friend. While the day is short in the period from October to February (peaking on December 21st with only 4 hours of daylight), the sun casts a beautiful glow during much of the day. You wont have to wake up at 4 AM to cat

Glacier Lagoon & Diamond Beach - great for adventure photography

This is my third blogpost on Guide to Iceland - and it is about yet another of my favourite places in Iceland, the Glacier Lagoon.  When you land in Iceland, you pretty quickly realise that things are different here. Very different. But more unique than many other things in Iceland is the Glacier Lagoon - and it is one of my absolute favourites to visit. Do not miss it during your Icelandic adventure.  What you might not know, is that the Glacier Lagoon is actually relatively new, and first started forming in 1934 when the Vatnajökull Glacier started retreating in the area, creating the lago

The Reykjavik Craft beer "Bar-muda triangle"

Have you ever wanted to get lost in the world of Icelandic craft beer? Well, why not head out for what I call the Reykjavik Bar-muda triangle? The craft beer scene in Iceland has been booming for a while and the selection of beer is growing by the week. The Bar-muda triangle is composed of three of my favorite craft beer bars in Reykjavik. The name came up as some friends and I wanted to get some of the best craft beer in Reykjavik. This trip turned out to form something of a triangle based on their locations (maybe a far stretch to call it a triangle, but it sounds great) and obviously peo


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