Hurtig 7-dages kør-selv-tur om sommeren til Islands bedste turistattraktioner med vandfald og gletchervandring

Hurtig 7-dages kør-selv-tur om sommeren til Islands bedste turistattraktioner med vandfald og gletchervandring
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Keflavík Lufthavn
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Encircle Iceland and witness all of its most spectacular attractions with this 7-day summer self-drive. This itinerary should not be missed by those who want to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes this country has to offer at their own pace and on their own terms.

Traveling clockwise around the island, against the flow of the regular tourist crowds, you'll have endless opportunities to marvel over the diverse beauty of Iceland - hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers, glacier lagoons, and fascinating geological features are all on your agenda. 

You'll have plenty of time to explore the most famous sites, such as those across the East Fjords, the Golden Circle, and the magnificent North. You will receive a detailed itinerary after booking, and you can choose to visit spectacular hidden gems far from any other guests.

As this is a self-drive tour, you get to spend every day exactly as you like, tailoring your experience to the desires of your group. Those fascinated by culture and folklore will find plenty of mystical sites and villages around the Ring Road. Those with a passion for wildlife will be able to look out for puffins, seals, and even reindeer. And those seeking relaxation will find hot springs throughout their journey.

The only obligations you have to meet are reaching your countryside hotels each evening and meeting your guides for any tours you add on while booking. There are plenty of unique and exciting adventures to be had as you travel, such as lava caving, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and snorkeling.

As this is a summer tour, you will be able to start your sightseeing early and finish late due to the fact that the sun never sets in Iceland during this season. Considering the freedom of this package, you can thus spend much of your time exploring after most have retired beneath the light of the Midnight Sun.

After booking your tour, all the details will be organized for you, allowing you to enjoy the build-up to your epic road trip around Iceland without stress.

Don't miss this incredible 7-day summer self-drive to see the best attractions in Iceland. Check availability by choosing a date and book your Iceland adventure.

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6 nights of accommodation (different levels available; breakfast included. More details below)
Vehicle for 7 days (Toyota Aygo or similar. Upgrades available)
CDW insurance for super budget level vehicle; other levels also include SCDW and gravel protection insurances
Detailed Itinerary
Personal travel agent


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Kør selv

Daglig rejseplan

Dag 1
Grotta-fyrtårnet i Reykjavik betragter en solnedgang.

Dag 1 - Your Adventure Begins

You will start your holiday once you land at Keflavik International Airport. After passing through customs, you'll find your rental car waiting.

To get to your hotel in Reykjavík, you will drive for 40 minutes or so along the spectacular Reykjanes Peninsula. With its conic volcanoes, lunar landscapes, and geothermal springs, however, you may want to make several detours for a wonderful introduction to Iceland's stark nature.

If you elect to do so while booking, you can also head to the most famous site on the peninsula, the luxurious Blue Lagoon spa. Its deep blue waters are said to have many healing qualities, and there are few better ways to unwind after a flight than with a relaxing silica mask or sweating it out in a steam room or sauna.

You may, however, wish to focus on exploring Reykjavik. Iceland's capital has a thriving culture and picturesque beauty, with a wealth of attractions that boast appeal to all kinds of travelers.

Of course, as this is a self-drive tour, your freedom is unlimited. You are also welcome to explore some of the beautiful nature that surrounds the city.

You'll retire for your first night at a hotel in the capital.

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Dag 2
En lavamark på det vestlige Island.

Dag 2 - From the West to the North

On day two of your week-long Icelandic holiday, you will depart Reykjavik and set out to explore west Iceland on your way to the north. You are welcome to take your time and detour to a wealth of cultural and natural attractions or beeline straight to your main destination, Akureyri, to explore the wonder better there.

Cultural sites in west Iceland include the villages of Borgarnes and Reykholt. The former is home to the Settlement Centre, where you can learn all about Iceland in its former days, as well as the country's best ice cream parlor.

The latter, meanwhile, was once home to Snorri Sturluson, a legendary writer, historian, and chieftain, whose medieval works and dramatic life you can learn about at a local museum.

In terms of natural attractions, your options are nearly endless. For example, the stunning fjord of Hvalfjordur holds one of the tallest waterfalls in the country, Glymur. Inland, you can find Europe's highest flowing hot spring Deildartunghver. The twin waterfalls of Barnafoss and Hraunfossar are also well worth a visit due to their dramatic contrasts and individual beauty.

Once you reach North Iceland, it is recommended to detour to the Vatnsnes Peninsula. This is Iceland's premier location for seal watching and is even home to the Icelandic Seal Centre in the charming village of Hvammstangi. You can also find the elephant-shaped monolith of Hvitserkur off the peninsula's coast.

Your hotel for the evening is in 'the Capital of the North', Akureyri. This charming town boasts many boutiques, restaurants, and bars, as well as some stunning architecture and a range of museums. It is also perfectly connected to a range of other attractions in North Iceland, such as the tiny fishing hamlets on the peninsulas to the north.

If you want to add some adventure to your sightseeing journey, four equally appealing tours are offered. When in west Iceland, for example, you are welcome to head to the winding lava cave of Vidgelmir, to explore its daunting yet beautiful depths. Alternatively, you could arrange for a monstrous super jeep to guide you up the slopes of Langjokull glacier to enter its ice tunnel.

This man-made cave into the ice cap is the only one of its kind in the world, making this a particularly unique opportunity.

In North Iceland, you could otherwise elect to take a horseback ride through the spectacular countryside outside of Akureyri. Icelandic horses are an intelligent and friendly breed, making this a great option for all travelers. Finally, you could head to the village of Dalvik to experience the unusual Beer Spa, where you can enjoy a pint as you bask in warm, young ale.

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Dag 3
Et billede af det geotermiske nordlige Island.

Dag 3 - The Geothermal North

On the third day of your week-long summer vacation to Iceland, you will explore the many wonders of the incredible north. Though, of course, you can seek out whatever attractions appeal to you, independently embarking on the ‘Diamond Circle’ sightseeing route is highly recommended due to the diversity and beauty of its sites.

This route focuses on the magnificent Lake Myvatn, a region of serene bodies of water, abundant flora and fauna, and spectacular geology. Rows of craters and incredible lava fortresses, such as Dimmuborgir, stand in stark contrast to the blooming colors of life that this area boasts.

Despite being such a verdant oasis, Myvatn is surrounded by dramatic, barren landscapes and features. Namaskard Pass is a perfect example, being a lifeless plateau littered with furious steam vents, belching out columns of volcanic poison.

En route to Myvatn, it is recommended to stop at another feature of the Diamond Circle, the beautiful and historic waterfall of Godafoss. Meanwhile, detouring north before Myvatn will take you to the serene village of Husavik, renowned for being one of the world’s best whale-watching locations.

The last sites of the Diamond Circle are a little further east. Dettifoss is a stark waterfall that pours into an ancient valley with more force than any other waterfalls in Europe. Asbyrgi, meanwhile, is a forested canyon formed into a perfect horseshoe shape and a paradise for hikers.

After you have explored the sites on your agenda for north Iceland, you will follow the Ring Road through the spectacular scenery of Vatnajokull National Park before reaching the largest town in East Iceland, Egilsstadir.

To break up your sightseeing, there are two incredible geothermal spas you have the choice of visiting today. The Myvatn Nature Baths have a wealth of facilities, and its waters boast a reputation for healing qualities akin to the Blue Lagoon. Meanwhile, the Vok Baths are immersed in a beautiful lake in East Iceland and provide the perfect place to end your day.

Your hotel for the night will be in Egilsstadir.

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Dag 4
Eystrahorn-bjerget på det østlige Island, fotograferet om vinteren.

Dag 4 - The East Fjords

Day four of your week in Iceland will be spent traversing a region of Iceland very few guests to the country manage to reach: the remote and breathtaking East Fjords.

Though the Ring Road will take you winding around the magnificent bays, you are welcome to detour from Egilsstadir to witness some that are even further off-the-beaten-track, such as at the beautiful Borgarfjordur Eystri.

There are also some incredible attractions around the town you may want to check out before heading to the coast, such as Iceland's largest forest, Hallormstadasskogar, and the mysterious Lake Lagarfljot.

As you drive over mountain passes and on narrow coastal roads, you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of this region. The sparkling bays, dramatic peaks, minuscule villages, and sparsity of other guests all add to its appeal. Furthermore, you will likely see an abundance of wildlife as you travel, with many seabirds nesting in the cliffs and seals on the beaches.

This is also the only part of Iceland where herds of wild reindeer roam free.

As you come to the end of the East Fjords, be sure to admire the striking mountains of Eystrahorn and Vestrahorn. You will retire after a breathtaking day of sightseeing at a hotel in the country's southeast.

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Dag 5
Jokulsarlon gletcherlagune på det sydlige Island

Dag 5 - The Magnificent South Coast of Iceland

On day five, you will travel across the magnificent South Coast, a region lined with countless sites of natural wonder. There could be no better introduction to this area than the first attraction, the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

Located between one of the many tongues of Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull, and the ocean, this lake is filled with breathtakingly beautiful icebergs. Colored vivid blues, gleaming whites, and streaked with black ash from past eruptions, many are as large as multistorey buildings.

To get a more intimate experience at this unbelievable place, you can take a boat tour into the lagoon, either on an amphibious vessel or a zodiac.

When the icebergs break up small enough to pass through a narrow channel to the sea, they wash onto the adjacent black sand shoreline. Nicknamed the Diamond Beach for the mesmerizing way they glitter, you are highly recommended to take a walk here before continuing along the South Coast.

The next site on the route is Skaftafell, a nature reserve with an abundance of attractions. Many hiking routes connect the sites, which include several glacier tongues and the famous waterfall of Svartifoss.

If you elect to do so while booking, you can enjoy a hike on one of the glacial outlets. Equipped in all safety gear necessary, you will ascend the beautiful Svinafellsjokull and marvel over its fascinating formations, plunging crevasses, and spectacular views.

The next major attraction you will come to on the South Coast is Reynisfjara. Another black sand beach, Reynisfjara is renowned for its haunting beauty, the power of its waves, and its coastal geology. Most notable are the twin sea stacks of Reynisdrangar, which legend says were created when two trolls, pulling a ship to shore, were caught in the sun.

Next to Reynisfjara is another incredible coastal site, the enormous rock arch of Dyrholaey. Though beautiful throughout the year, it is particularly worth visiting in summer because thousands of puffins nest in its rocks.

The final three major attractions of the South Coast are equally spectacular waterfalls. Skogafoss is the most powerful, falling from a 197 ft (60m) cliff in a spectacular cascade. Seljalandsfoss is just as tall but much more serene and has a path that fully encircles it.

Gljufrabui is unique because it is not visible from the Ring Road and is thus often overlooked. Pouring over a great boulder into a fairytale-like grotto, it requires a short walk through a narrow gorge to reach.

Your accommodation for the evening will be in the Selfoss region.

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Dag 6
Gullfoss-vandfaldet på Islands berømte turistrute den Gyldne Cirkel fotograferet om vinteren.

Dag 6 - The Classic Golden Circle

The sixth day of your week in Iceland will be spent visiting the three spectacular sites that make the Golden Circle the country's most famous sightseeing route.

The first of these is Gullfoss, a two-tiered waterfall that boasts both awesome power and majestic beauty. It is also a monument to Iceland's environmental history, having been saved by the daughter of a local farmer from being turned into a power plant. In summer, walkways lead up to its lip, allowing you to feel the spray against your face.

Secondly is the Geysir Geothermal Area, home to the explosive Strokkur geyser. While waiting for the 5-10 minutes it takes for Strokkur to erupt, there are many hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pots to marvel over.

Finally, you will come to Thingvellir, one of Iceland's three National Parks. Framed between the edges of 2 clearly visible tectonic plates, this spectacular place has many trails leading to ravines, springs, forests, a small waterfall, and some of the country's most important historical sites.

As you travel around the Golden Circle, you can embark on one of two classic Icelandic adventures. The first of these is a snorkeling tour, which you can take within the crystal clear spring water of the Silfra ravine in Thingvellir National Park. Equipped with a drysuit, you will explore between the continents in an underwater world of vivid blue.

The second is a snowmobiling excursion; from the car park at Gullfoss, you will board a super jeep that will take you up the slopes of Langjokull glacier. Once on its gleaming surface, you will set off on an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will expose you to some spectacular views.

After following the Golden Circle trail and embarking on a thrilling tour, you can head straight to Reykjavik to explore Iceland's cultural capital. If you'd rather immerse yourself further in nature, there are a wealth of attractions around the sightseeing route that many guests overlook, such as Kerid crater lake and the Secret Lagoon.

You'll spend the final night of your week-long vacation in Iceland in Reykjavík.

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Dag 7
Byen spejler sig i vandet i Tjörnin Pond i det centrale Reykjavik.

Dag 7 - Afrejsedag

On the final day of your summer holiday in Iceland, you’ll need to return your car to Keflavik International Airport in good time to catch your flight. However, if you have a late departure, you can make the most of Reykjavik and enjoy its art, architecture, and wealth of attractions.

Otherwise, you can use the last hours with your vehicle to visit some of the beautiful natural attractions around the city. The Reykjanes Peninsula, Mount Esjan, and the Reykjadalur hot spring valley are all wonderful places that can all be explored in half a day.

If you could not visit the Blue Lagoon on the day you arrived, you can schedule it just before your departure. Considering how much action you packed into the last week, you’ll be grateful for the rejuvenating qualities of the healing waters and spa facilities.

We hope you enjoy your flight home and visit again soon!

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Driver's License
Hiking shoes

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Self-drive tours begin either in Reykjavík City or at Keflavik International Airport. A valid driver's license is required, along with a one-year-long on-road experience. Please be aware that your itinerary may be rearranged to better fit with your arrival date and time.

Although it is summertime, the Icelandic weather can be very unpredictable. Please bring appropriate clothing.


Se vores boligniveauer nedenfor og vores foretrukne indkvarteringspartnere under hver dag i den daglige rejseplan.

Bookinger for en person arrangeres i enkeltværelser, og bookinger til to eller flere personer deler et dobbelt- / dobbelt- eller tredobbeltværelse.

Teenagere og børn arrangeres i samme rum med forældrene. Hvis der er behov for ekstra værelse (r), påløber der ekstra omkostninger.

Guide to Iceland giver dig den bedste tilgængelige bolig på din tid fra din reservation fra vores foretrukne partnere. Husk, at hotelkvaliteten i Island varierer mellem placeringer og tilgængeligheden er meget begrænset. Hvis vores foretrukne partnere er fuldt bookede på tidspunktet for din reservation, vil vi finde en anden passende bolig til dig på lignende niveau.

Bemærk, at ikke alle placeringer tilbyder indkvartering på kvalitetsniveau. Overnatning på komfortniveau arrangeres på disse bestemte steder, hvilket afspejles i opgraderingsprisen for kvalitetsniveau.

Vi gør altid vores bedste for at imødekomme specielle ønsker, som kan medføre ekstra omkostninger. Tryk på vælg en dato for at finde tilgængelighed.


Værelser med eget badeværelse i tre-stjernede hoteller eller kvalitetshytter. Meget tæt på de bedste attraktioner på hvert sted. Morgenmad er inkluderet.


Værelser med eget badeværelse i et firestjernet hotel eller superior-værelser på et kvalitets-3-stjernet hotel på de bedste steder i Island. Morgenmad er inkluderet.


Nedenfor kan du se de mulige biludlejningsmuligheder, der er tilgængelige for denne kør-selv-tur.

Alle vores køretøjer er nye eller nuværende modeller på højst 2 år. Superbudgetniveauer leveres med standard CDW-forsikring, mens alle andre niveauer også inkluderer grusbeskyttelse (GP) forsikring. Bemærk venligst, at terrænkørsel er ulovlig for alle biltyper.

Alle niveauer er udstyret med gratis wi-fi. Du kan nyde ubegrænset data med Wi-Fi-enheden, som kan tilsluttes til op til 10 enheder på én gang. Biludlejningen vil give 24-timers nødhjælp på vejen.

Alderskrav for hvert niveau kan findes nedenfor. For alle niveauer gælder det, at chaufføren skal have haft et gyldigt kørekort i mindst et år før lejedatoen.

Vi anbefaler Budget 4X4 niveau til sommerkørsel og Comfort 4X4 til vinterkørsel.

Super Budget-tohjulstrækker

Et lille 2WD-køretøj som Toyota Aygo eller lignende, der er egnet til grundlæggende kørsel under daglige forhold. Kompakt og behagelig for op til 2 rejsende med meget lidt bagage. Ingen højlandskapaciteter. Føreren skal være 20 år eller derover.


Et grundlæggende 2WD-køretøj, såsom en Toyota Yaris eller lignende, der er egnet til kørsel under daglige forhold. Behageligt for 3 rejsende med let bagage. Dette køretøj har ikke kapacitet på højlandet. Føreren skal være 20 år eller derover.


En grundlæggende 4WD (4X4) jeep eller SUV såsom en Dacia Duster eller lignende. Passer komfortabelt op til 3 rejsende med 2 store stykker bagage. Passer til de fleste rejser og anstændigt til sne- og off-asfaltkørsel. Har basale kapaciteter på højlandet. Føreren skal være 20 år eller derover.


En mellemstor 4WD (4x4) jeep eller SUV som f.eks. en Toyota Rav4 (automatisk) og Suzuki Vitara (manuel) eller lignende. Passer komfortabelt op til 4 rejsende med 3 store stykker bagage. Passer til de fleste rejser og god til sne- og off-asfaltkørsel. Har basale kapaciteter på højlandet. Føreren skal være 21 år eller derover.


En stor 4WD jeep som en Toyota Land Cruiser eller lignende. Komfortabelt for op til 4 rejsende med 4 store stykker bagage. Passer til næsten alle rejser. Har fuld highland-kapacitet til at køre på tilgængelige bjergveje. Føreren skal være 21 år eller derover.


En stor 9-personers varevogn, såsom en Mercedes Benz Vito (4WD manuel, har højlandsfunktioner og bedre egnet til vinterkørsel) eller lignende. Komfortabelt for 5 til 7 rejsende. Hvis du sidder fuldt, er bagagerummet begrænset. Føreren skal være 23 år eller derover.


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