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Hey! My name is Þórgnýr and I'm born and raised in the tourism industry. Ever since I was a child my parents ran a guesthouse right downtown in Reykjavík. I'm therefore not only experienced in interacting with travellers, it's literally in my blood. I've got a fantastic network and an easy going, adventurous personality.

For the past years I've been working as a politician and as a professional leisure time consultant, but recently I started my own brewery and am now brewing beer more or less full time. I also spent a few years in the film industry.

So please contact me if you need a contact. Keywords that I'm knowledgeable about include cycling, lindy hop and other swing related topics, politics, beer (obviously), fatherhood, leisure time, travelling around iceland, what to do where and so fourth.

My network is quite extensive, would be a shame to not use it. ;) I hereby invite you to pick my brain.

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Ghosts, geocaching and geothermal springs.

This July I took my daughter for an adventure trip. She's eight years old and we set a few goals for our trip. We'd play chess in a beautiful place, we'd bathe in geothermal pools, we'd discover places we didn't know about and we'd search for a few geocaches. What's geocache? Geocache is a game of sorts. It's a community driven treasure hunt where interested people hide and maintain so called caches in places all around the world. The idea is that searching for those caches will lead you to places of interest, and for loot of course! Due north We headed out before noon, stopped to buy gr

Boardgaming in Reykjavík

Heck, I'll admit it.. I'm a huge boardgame nerd! Ever since me and my wife decided to buy a cool boardgame we tried one time we've become addicted. And what a nice addiction too, it gives us the occasion to constantly invite some friends over for dinner and boardgames or simply go to boardgaming nights here and there. Meet new people and destroy them. (Not literally though). It just seems to me to be a really good investment of my time, you know? I could boardgame. I could have a beer with friends. I could have a relaxing evening at home. I could also do all three at once, you see. Carcas

Palace de Nelson

I'm a huge fan of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Submission Wrestling, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and, hence, Gunnar Nelson. It all started when I watched him by chance fight Alexander Butenko back in February 2012. Since then I've followed his progress closely and began being interested in submission wrestling. So this January I took a chance and signed up for a beginner course in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Mjölnir fight club (Mjölnir) and I absolutely do not regret the decision. It's real hard, real technical and feeds you bruises. I must admit I'm far from being good

My date at Café Loki

My wife doesn't know but sometimes I go on dates. Last night, my wife was on a rehearsal for a play she's starring in, I took my daughter Járngerður (3 years old) for a date. We do that from time to time when we're by ourselfs. This time around we agreed that we wanted to eat fish and, being a little tired of eating sushi, decided to go for some plokkfiskur on Café Loki. Plokkfiskur is an icelandic delicacy made from haddock, potatoes, white sauce and onion. Well... sort of, the recipe varies a great deal depending on who's making it. Back in the days people braved the fish

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