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Matkaopas: Hellulaugin kuuma lähde

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Kuumat lähteet
HRGR+W4P, Vestfjarðarvegur, 451 Flókalundur, Iceland
Etäisyys keskustasta
23.6 km
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The Hellulaug hot spring in the Westfjords offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.The Hellulaug hot spring is a small, secluded geothermal pool in the Westfjords region of Iceland. 

You can visit the Hellulaug hot pot on a self-drive tour of Iceland that visits the Westfjords. This 13-day budget self-drive tour will take you around the country's highlights and lets you explore at your own pace. If you're short on time, this 8-day tour of the Westfjords and the Snaefellsnes peninsula is a great alternative. 

Hellulaug's remote location makes it one of Iceland's hidden gems. Its quiet location makes it the perfect place to relax away from crowds and other tourists. 

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Schoschi. No edits made.

Facts About the Hellulaug Hot Spring

The Hellulaug spring is a small pool measuring 13 by 10 feet (approximately four by three meters). It's about 20 to 30 inches (around 50 to 70 centimeters) deep. The pool is tucked behind a slight rise in the ground, so it can't be seen from the road. This means it's often empty, so you should be able to enjoy bathing in this pool by yourself. 

There's a small parking lot close to the hot spring, so visitors can park their car and walk to the spring. The pool is open all year, and there's no entry fee. However, there's a cash box in the parking lot, and small donations are encouraged to contribute to maintenance costs. 

The water in the pool is naturally heated by geothermal activity. It's usually around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 degrees Celsius) all year round. There are no changing facilities or showers at the hot spring, so visitors typically change in their car. 

The Vatnavinir Friends of Water Project, which won the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2011, has plans to make the path to the Hellulaug pool more accessible while minimizing disruption to the surrounding landscape. 

Where Is the Hellulaug Hot Pot? 

The Hellulaug hot spring has a secluded setting in the Westfjords. It's located in tiny Flokalundur village at the mouth of the Vatnsfjordur fjord, offering fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Bathers can relax in the warm waters, listening to the sound of the waves and looking for sea birds like Arctic terns and oystercatchers.

How to Reach the Hellulaug Hot Spring 

To reach the Hellulaug spring from Reykjavik, follow the Ring Road (Route 1) north until you pass Bifrost. Exit left onto the scenic Route 60 (also called Vestfjardavegur). After around 130 miles (roughly 215 kilometers), you'll reach the Hellulaug hot spring.

Driving in the Westfjords can be challenging, as many roads are unpaved. It's often safer and easier to hire a car with four-wheel drive if you plan to visit this remote region of Iceland.

Other Attractions in the Westfjords

Several attractions around the Westfjords are close to the Hellulaug hot spring. 

If you want to visit another hot pot, the Krosslaug hot spring is only 13 miles (around 21 kilometers) away. Continue on Route 60, and you'll find the hot spring opposite the Bjarkaholt Guesthouse.

The Dynjandi waterfall is only 22 miles (roughly 36 kilometers) from the Hellulaug pool. This magnificent waterfall is known as "the jewel of the Westfjords" and is the largest in the region.

Also nearby is the Raudisandur beach, famous for its red and golden sand. It's just 40 miles (approximately 66 kilometers) from the hot pool. From here, you can also drive along the coast to the Latrabjarg cliffs, the largest bird cliff in Europe. 

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