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Matkaopas: Flókalundurin kylä

29 Google arvostelua
HRGJ+CVC, 451 Flókalundur, Iceland
Etäisyys keskustasta
23.4 km
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Hotel Flokalundur in the Westfjords surrounded by greeneryFlokalundur village is called Flókalundur in Icelandic and is a small village with a lot of heart that makes a great stopping point in the Westfjords. 

You must stop by if you’re driving the Westfjords. Hotel Flokalundur welcomes all visitors and makes a great place to hang your hat and kick up your feet while exploring the region. Check out this customizable eight-day summer self-drive tour and add a stop-off in Flokalundur village.

Flokalundur village is small yet has a few attractions that anyone would be lucky to enjoy, including genuine Icelandic fare and hospitality. It’s close to the departure point for the ferry to Stykkisholmer, so it’s a convenient location to stop for the night.

Photo from Hotel Flokalundur

History and Folklore of Flokalundur Village

Flokalunder is mainly known for the legend that this is where Iceland received its name. The first Norseman to intentionally sail to Iceland, Hrafna-Floki (AKA Raven-Floki or just Floki), was a Viking who settled in Flokalunder for the winter after a problematic sea voyage from Norway.

However, the winter was very harsh, and all of the animals in the settlement died. At the beginning of spring, Floki climbed to the top of a nearby mountain to view the fields and see if spring was on its way.

But he was dismayed when he reached the top, as there was nothing but ice and snow as far as the eye could see. In his despair, he proclaimed that this must be the land of ice or Iceland. He famously named Iceland from Flokalundur.

In recent years, the village has been mentioned in the popular TV show Vikings, where they reenacted the legend.

Things to do in Flokalundur Village and Nearby

A hotel and restaurant, a natural thermal bathing area, a small gas pump, and a campsite are the main features of this sleepy countryside town. 

Hotel, Restaurant, and Campsite

You’ll find a restaurant inside Hotel Flokalunder offering local Icelandic flavors and more commercialized fare. The Flokalunder campsite has running water, bathrooms, and showers, perfect for tent camping.

Vatnsfjordur Nature Reserve

The nearby Vatnsfjordur nature reserve offers ample hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities and is one of the main reasons to visit the area. Take a hike around Lake Vatnsdalsvatn, an ideal way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Westfjords.

The Hellaug Hot Spring

The Hellaug hot spring is in Flokalundur, just 546 yards (500 meters) from the hotel. When the tide is high, you can switch between the freezing fjord and warm hot spring like a true Icelander. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for authentic and rustic hot springs in Iceland.

Geothermally heated waters aren’t the only aquatic activity, as you can swim, fish, and ride the ferry around the bay to explore the ocean. Truly fortunate visitors might even see seals or other ocean wildlife in the area.

The Baldur Ferry

Flokalunder village is on the shores of Vatnsfjordur fjord. The Brjanslaekur ferry terminal is just 3.9 miles (6.3 kilometers) away, making the village a convenient Westfjords location. From Brjanslaekur, you can take the Baldur ferry to Stykkisholmur, your gateway for exploring the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

Getting to Flokalundur Village

Flokalundur village is about 205 miles (330 kilometers) from Reykjavik and 55 miles (88.4 kilometers) from Isafjordur. If you’re coming from Reyjavik, take the Ring Road to road 60. Then follow along the coast until you reach the junction of road 62, where Flokalundur is.

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