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Matkaopas: Neskaupstadur Museum House

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Safnahusid Neskaupstad, a museum complex in the East fjords, has three distinct museums under one roof, offering insights into the region's rich heritage and contemporary arts.Neskaupstadur Museum House, or "Safnahúsið Neskaupstað," is a museum complex in the town of Neskaupstadur in East Iceland. It has three distinct museums under one roof, offering insights into the region's rich heritage, nature, and contemporary arts.

The Neskaupstadur Museum House, known in Icelandic as "Safnahúsið í Neskaupstað," is located in Neskaupstadur, a fishing village in the Eastfjords. It has three museums in one building: the Museum of Natural History, Jósafat Hinriksson's Maritime Museum, and Tryggva Olafsson's Art Collection.

The Museum of Natural History features an extensive collection of Icelandic birds, fish specimens, and artifacts from the seabed. It also exhibits wild Icelandic mammals, providing insight into Iceland's fauna, along with a diverse rock collection.

Jósafat Hinriksson's Maritime Museum showcases the region's maritime history. It has exhibits on the fishing industry, boat building, and traditional craftsmanship. It's also known as the Seafaring and Smithy Collection.

The Tryggvi Ólafsson Art Collection celebrates the work of visual artist Tryggvi Ólafsson. Visitors can explore a comprehensive exhibition of his artworks spanning his career in Iceland and Copenhagen.

You can visit Neskaupstadur with a rental car during self-drive tours of East Iceland. For example, this 11-day road trip has enough time in the Eastfjords for a visit. You can also choose from great accommodations in East Iceland for a wonderful trip in the region.

Photo from the Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Neskaupstadur Museum House Location and How to Get There

Neskaupstadur Museum House boasts a stunning seaside location in the heart of Neskaupstadur. The town is on the Nordfjordur fjord, between the Mjoifjordur and Reydarfjordur fjords. It's 42 miles (68 kilometers) southeast of Egilsstadir, the largest settlement in East Iceland.

Neskaupstadur is about 23 miles (37 kilometers) from the Ring Road. Travelers from the south will turn right from Route 1 at Reydarfjordur village and drive along Road 92 to Neskaupstadur.

Follow the main road into the settlement. Neskaupstadur Museum House is on the right-hand side of the road, not far past Hildibrand Hotel, which you'll pass on your left.

The Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum, housed in a graceful old warehouse, offers diverse exhibits across its three floors.

Photo from the Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Neskaupstadur Museum House History

Each of the three museums in the Neskaupstadur Museum House has its own rich history.

In 1965, Bjarni Þórðarson, the former mayor of Neskaupstadur, founded the Museum of Natural History. Biologist Hjörleifur Guttormsson was the museum's first director, overseeing its establishment and the first exhibition in 1970. The museum has had four locations and moved to its current spot at the Neskaupstadur Museum House in 2006.

Jósafat Hinriksson was an engineer and entrepreneur. He founded Jósafat Hinriksson's Maritime Museum, initially housed at his machine workshop's location. The museum moved to "Safnahúsið" in Neskaupstadur in 2000.

Tryggvi Ólafsson Art Collection celebrates the renowned visual artist Tryggvi Ólafsson. He was born in 1940 in Nordfjordur and studied at the Icelandic College of Art and Handicraft and the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen.

On the ground floor, visitors can explore the art museum, showcasing over 300 works by the well-known artist Tryggvi Olafsson.

Photo from the Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Exhibits at the Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum

The Neskaupstadur Museum House, housed in a renovated warehouse, offers diverse exhibits across its three floors.

On the ground floor, visitors can explore the Tryggvi Ólafsson Art Collection, showcasing over 300 artworks by Tryggvi Ólafsson. The collection highlights his distinct style through a broad cross-section of his art.
Jósafat Hinriksson's Maritime Museum is on the second floor. It delves into the region's rich maritime history with items related to the fishing industry, boat building, iron and fire smithing, and traditional craftsmanship. Visitors can also explore a replica of a smithy where Jósafat started his career for insights into the techniques of past eras.

The Museum of Natural History is on the top floor and boasts an extensive bird collection, rare fish specimens, seabed artifacts, and wild Icelandic mammals. Additionally, the museum houses a remarkable rock collection, providing visitors with a comprehensive look at the natural wonders of Iceland's nature.

The Museum of Natural Artifacts is on the top floor, boasting a spectacular array of Icelandic birds, shellfish, and stones.

Photo from the Safnahusid Neskaupstad Museum Facebook page. No edits made

Attractions Near the Neskaupstadur Museum House

Near the Neskaupstadur Museum House, visitors can indulge in various culinary delights and leisure activities. Across the road from the museum, Nesbaer Cafe offers a cozy ambiance to enjoy coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. For a hearty meal, guests can dine at Kaupfelagsbarinn restaurant in Hildibrand Hotel, known for its delicious cuisine. 

Additionally, the Sundlaug Neskaupstadar swimming pool is just steps away from the museum, a perfect spot for relaxation and recreation. This modern facility features a swimming pool, paddling pool, hot tubs, and water slides, offering fun for visitors of all ages. 

Beyond the museum's vicinity, Neskaupstadur's surrounding area boasts breathtaking natural beauty and numerous attractions. From Nordfjardarnipa mountain, which separates the Nordfjordur and Mjoifjordur fjords, to the Oddskard skiing area, adventure seekers will find many hiking trails and outdoor activities to explore.

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