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Matkaopas: Troll-vesiputous lähellä Reykjavikia

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Troll-vesiputous lähellä ReykjavikiaTrollafoss, spelled Tröllafoss in Icelandic, also known as Troll Waterfall, is a hidden waterfall in South West Iceland near Reykjavik City with a unique rock formation resembling a troll. 

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Nature lovers fascinated with waterfalls usually visit Trollafoss on self-drive tours around the Ring Road or rent a car. Guided tours also take visitors near the area, like this Private 9-hour Tour on the Golden Circle.

The name Trollafoss translates to "Troll Waterfall." Although the origin behind the name is unknown, it might be due to the rock formation on the cliff that resembles a troll's face. 

According to Icelandic folklore, trolls were giant people who inhabited caves and rocks before the first settlers. These creatures are said to come out only at night as the sun's light would turn them into stone. 

A Hidden Gem

Nestled in a small gorge in the Mosfellsdalur valley along the Leirvogsa river, Trollafoss is a hidden treasure that not many tourists know about, mainly because there is little to no sign that directly points to the location of the falls.

However, this place is popular among locals who enjoy hiking the trails and dipping into the small lagoon at the bottom of the falls.

The area surrounding Trollafoss is mostly rugged, composed of gorges and rocky terrains with an elevation of approximately 597 feet (182 meters) above sea level. Most of the year, the rural area surrounding Trollafoss is lush and green.

The stunning countryside scenery is excellent for taking photos and shows the unique landscape that Iceland is known for. 

Iceland's mild weather makes Trollafoss a welcoming gem year-round. Visiting in the spring means witnessing gushing water from the waterfall as the snow melts, while summer brings wildflower blooms from the surrounding plain near the falls.

In winter, it may be completely frozen over.

As visitors approach Trollafoss, they'll notice that the narrow trail will start to rise along the edge of a ragged gorge. This striking rock formation is made primarily of igneous rock. Most of Iceland's rock formations are igneous rock, as Iceland is a volcanic island.

Hikers can climb up to see the waterfall from above or crawl into the gorge for a waterside experience. The waterfall reaches 33 feet (10 meters). 

The river that feeds the falls is known as Leirvogsa. It originates from the Leirvogsvatn lake and flows into Leirvogur bay. Leirvogsa river is famous for salmon and trout fishing. However, like with any other river, visitors should be cautious when crossing Leirvogsa as the bedrock can be slippery and the current is strong.

How to Get to Trollafoss 

Trollafoss waterfall is located in the Capital Region, just 17.3 miles (27.9 kilometers) from the capital city of Reykjavik via Route 49.

If you're driving from Reykjavik City, you'll have to follow the path that leads to Route 49 or the Vesturlandsvegur/Road 1 and Thingvallavegur road. From there, continue towards the gravel road Trollafoss slodi. While driving along this path, watch out for the Skeggjastadir farm, as Trollafoss is located nearby. 

Just before you reach the farm, turn right and continue driving until you see the sign that points to the waterfall. Once you get to the sign, drive on for a few minutes until you arrive at a junction where you can park your car. Trollafoss waterfall is not visible from the road so going to the area requires hiking the rest of the route from the parking area. 

Other Popular Places Nearby

Trollafoss waterfall lies in South West Iceland near the Golden Circle, home to Thingvellir National ParkGeysir hot spring, and Gulfoss waterfall. This is Iceland's most popular sightseeing route.

Thingvellir is a spectacular, historic location, sat directly between the tectonic plates. The Geysir area, as its name suggests, is home to geysers, most notably Strokkur, which erupts every ten minutes or so. Gullfoss, meanwhile, is the most famous waterfall in the country.

Other notable sites in South West Iceland include the Secret Lagoon pool, Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn, and Langjokull glacier


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