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Informasjon om Hlidarfjall

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Natural Feature
Akureyri, Iceland
Hlíðarfjallsvegur, Iceland
Avstand fra sentrum
7.5 km
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Hlíðarfjall is a mountain and ski resort in north Iceland.

Hlíðarfjall is a ski resort in north Iceland, on a mountain of the same name.

Photo by Bryndis Birgisdottir 

Enjoying the Hlidarfjall Ski Resort

Hlíðarfjall is located in the mountains beside the Capital of North Iceland, Akureyri; due to its proximity to this population centre, and the diversity and potential of its slopes, it is the most popular ski resort in the country.

Skiing is a favourite winter activity in Iceland, and, barring days of particularly inclement weather, is possible at Hlíðarfjall from the middle of December to the end of April. While the opening times vary, they usually align with the daylight hours during winter, thus you can expect to ski for fewer hours in January than in April.

Even in the darkest months, however, there are floodlights in use so that you can usually be granted at least six hours to enjoy the resort.

Hlíðarfjall boasts 26 marked pistes, or ski runs, and 23 alpine slopes, which are connected by seven ski lifts. The longest route is over 2.5 kilometres.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the slopes at Hlíðarfjall, regardless of ability, due to the fact that they are colour coordinated by difficulty. Novices can learn the basics on the green trails; as they improve they can try a blue one. Those with more experience may want to enjoy the intermediate red slopes, while professionals can dare the drops of the black.

Cross-country skiers will find their trails marked in purple.

Apart from its extensive slopes and supporting network of lifts, Hlíðarfjall has a wealth of services to make your skiing experience more pleasurable. For example, it has two cafeterias serving both hot and cold food. Furthermore, it offers ski and snowboard rentals, with enough on site for over 300 guests. 

Along with your skis or snowboard, you’ll also be provided with a helmet for free.

To ensure your safety on the slopes, the weather is constantly monitored for any changes that could be deemed risky. The Ski Patrol will also be omnipresent should someone get into a dangerous situation.

Getting to Hlidarfjall

Hlíðarfjall is easy to access from Akureyri. Simply take Route 837 west from the town for just over ten minutes, and you’ll reach your destination.

To get to Akureyri from Reykjavík, take Route 1 (the Ring Road that encircles Iceland) northward for approximately five hours, or else take a flight from the domestic airport.


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