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Путеводитель: гора Болафьядль

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The radar station on the Bolafjall mountain peak in the Westfjords.Bolafjall is a mountain peak you can drive up in Bolungarvik in the Westfjords, offering incredible views across Isafjardardjup fjord and its surrounding mountain ranges.

Enjoy the freedom of a customizable Westfjords summer self-drive tour and include a visit to Bolafjall mountain. Check out this eight-day tour covering the Westfjords and Snaefellsnes Peninsula or this epic 13-day adventure of the complete Ring Road plus Snaefellsnes and the Westfjords.

Bolafjall mountain is around 2086 feet (636 meters) high and is the most popular attraction in Bolungarvik town. As you drive toward Bolungarvik, you cannot miss the mountain looming directly over the town. 

The Bolafjall mountain peak is unique because you can drive to the top. The road was built in 1986 and has been open to the public since 2002.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Herbert Snorrason

Getting to the Bolafjall Mountain Peak

The mountain peak is very close to the Bolungarvik town center, and the drive from the town to the mountain top is around six miles (9.8 kilometers). Take road 630 from Bolungarvik, then turn right onto F-road Skalavikurvegur, the gravel road up the mountain. 

This road is open during summer, usually from mid-June until mid-September, or when weather and road conditions allow. When the road is closed to vehicles, you could opt to hike up to ensure you don’t miss out on the stunning views.

The road has minimal to no guard rails, so some people describe the drive as a “hair-raising” experience not recommended for the faint-hearted! The road is narrow, steep, and curvy, so only go if you are comfortable driving such a road. 

Ensure you choose a calm and clear weather day to drive up. Driving up Bolafjall is recommended for experienced drivers with a 4x4 vehicle. The average road gradient is almost seven percent, with some parts reaching 12 percent.

The landscape appears rather barren from the road, but the views at the top are rewarding and well worth the drive.  You’ll see a radar station from the Iceland Air Defense System when you reach the top. There is plenty of space to park on the rugged yet relatively flat terrain.  

At the Top of Bolafjall Mountain

You can walk to the viewing areas close to the cliff edge when you reach the top. A clear day offers unbeatable views over the calm waters of the Isafjardardjup fjord and surrounding mountain ranges. 

A mountaintop observation deck opened in 2022, offering a safer way for tourists to appreciate the breathtaking panoramic views and capture the perfect photo for lasting memories.

Stay inside the cordoned areas and barriers and respect the warning signs about unstable cliff edges for your safety. You can follow the gravel walking paths to various mountain viewing points.

The mountain top is a picturesque place to appreciate the midnight sun. On the mountain top, it can be cold and windy, so ensure you wear warm clothing.

Attractions Near Bolafjall Mountain

Bolungarvik is a scenic town where spending a day or more is easy. After your exciting drive up the mountain, visit the Osvor Maritime Museum, a short drive from the town center. 

Here you can enjoy exploring a fishing village replica with gorgeous turf-covered buildings. If you go during opening hours, a guide can offer interesting historical insights about fishing in the area.

Head along to the Oshalar Lighthouse after your museum visit, just 437 yards (400 meters) along the road. The bright orange color of the lighthouse produces a beautiful contrast against the natural backdrop of blues, greens, and earthy colors.

Finish your day with a visit to the Sundlaug Bolungarvikur - Arbaer swimming pool. The pool, hot tubs, and sauna offer the perfect relaxation solution following a day’s exploration.

Bolungarvik is only eight miles (13 kilometers) from Isafjordur town, the largest Westfjords settlement and considered the capital of this region.

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