Information about Westfjords

The Westfjords are the westernmost part of Iceland and the whole of Europe. The Westfjords are home to some off the most beautiful natural gems and off the beaten track attractions in Iceland.

The Westfjords are a wide area stretching as a peninsula to the northwest of the mainland. The peninsula is all mountainous with numerous fjords of varying length.

The town Isafjordur in the fjord Skutulsfjordur serves as the capital of the region, with around 3000 inhabitants. There are many fishing villages in the fjords, as good fishing banks are found around the Wesfjords.

The agriculture is very scant, due to the steepness of the mountains and the lowland is limited. Below are some of the best natural attractions you can find in the Westfjords.

Hornstrandir nature reserve

Many places in the Westfjords are now deserted, such as the northernmost part of the peninsula: Hornstrandir. Hornstrandir is a holy place for travelers who seek solitude, wildlife, breathtaking scenery and great hiking trails. Don´t miss it if you´re looking for peacefulness.

Dynjandi waterfall

Dynjandi ('Thunderous') is one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls. This is really a series of waterfalls, seven altogether, with a cumulative hight of 100 meters. The trapezoidal shape of its main uppermost tier is particularly notable (40 m wide at the top, 60 m at the bottom.  

Latrabjarg Birdcliff

Europe’s westernmost part is in The Westfjords, the massive vertical seacliff Latrabjarg, over 400 meters high with millions of seabirds nesting there. In 1947 a British trawler stranded there. Local farmers managed to safe most of the fishermen by heaving them by rope 190 meters up into the air. This heroic deed has been filmed.

Raudisandur Beach & Sjounda

The beach by the cliff is called Raudisandur, rare for its pale red, almost pink sand. Along with many seabirds, the beach also features hundreds of seals.

Innermost of Raudisandur are the remnants of the farm Sjounda. At the beginning of the 19th century it was a site for one of Iceland’s most famous murder cases. 

Two farmers lived there with there wives but the one farmer fell in love with the other's wife and she with him and they were later sentenced to death for murdering their spouses. This dramatic event later served as an inspiration for Icelandic author Gunnar Gunnarsson's masterful novel Svartfugl (The Black Cliffs).

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Bjarnarfjörður in Strandir

Bjarnarfjörður is fjord in the Westfjords, south of Veiðileysufjörður and north of Steingrímsfjörður. Bjarnarfj&...



The small town Holmavik is the largest settlement of Strandir region in the Westfjords. It has a population of about 375 people (as of 2011) and serve...



Hrolleifsborg is a mountain in the Westfjords, in one of the most remote parts of Iceland. At 776 metres (2545 ft) tall, it is one of the highest pea...



  Drangajokull is Iceland's northernmost glacier. It lies above the Hornstrandir peninsula in the Western Fjords. The glacier covers 160-20...



The fishing village of Drangsnes can be found at the mouth of the Steingrímsfjörður fjord, in the Westfjords of Iceland. Drangsnes is ...



Vigur Island, half an hour’s boat ride from Ísafjörður in the Westfjords, is famous for its enormous colony of birdlife. Species...



Hestfjörður (translated to “Horse Fjord”) is a fjord in Westfjords, near Vatnsdalur valley, Bolaskógur forest and Hat...



Húnaflói is a bay in north Iceland. Many beautiful fishing villages and fascinating sites sit on its shores.  The most iconic fe...



Súðavík is a fishing village and municipality in the Westfjords of Iceland, positioned just off the west coast of Álftafj&oum...



  Isafjardardjup ('Icefjord's Deep') is a large fjord in the Westfjords of Iceland. The north side of the fjord has one inlet, Kalda...



Illugastaðir farm can be found on the west side of the Vatnsnes Peninsula. The area has truly stunning views of the eastern Westfjord coastline&nb...



  Hnifsdalur is  a small village of around 250 people in a valley of the same name and is positioned between Bolungarvik and Isafjordur. ...



  The town Isafjordur in the fjord Skutulsfjordur is the capital of the Westfjords, with a population of about 2600 people.  Fishing is th...



  Oskjuvatn is a large crater lake in the Askja caldera in the Dyngjufjoll mountains, north of Vatnajokull glacier. Oskjuvatn is Iceland's s...



Thjofatindar are mountain peaks near the valleys Seljalandsdalur and Hnifsdalur in the Westfjords. The hike over the mountain pass is an easy one and...



Vatnsnes is a mountainous peninsula in the north. It features one of the largest and most accessible seal sanctuaries in Iceland. The highlands of Va...



  Seljalandsdalur is a valley to the west of Isafjordur in the Westfjords. The valley is ideal for taking a nice walk among stunning landscape a...



  Dynjandi (meaning ‘thunderous’), at the end of Arnarfjordur, is the most powerful waterfall in the Westfjords and breathtakin...



Hornstrandir is a nature reserve located in the Westfjords, in the North West of Iceland. The total area covers 580 km2 (220 sq mi) of tundra, cliff...



Sydridalur is a rather broad valley in the Westfjords close to the inlet of Bolungarvik, wherefrom that village derives its name (vik=creek). The mou...


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