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Информация про Húnaflói

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Natural Feature
Rif, Iceland
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Hvítserkur on Húnaflói

Húnaflói is a bay in North Iceland. Many beautiful fishing villages and fascinating sites sit on its shores. 

The best way to visit Hunafloi bay is on a relaxed self drive tour. One of the best options for doing so is this 7-day Arctic Coast Way self drive, available in the summer months.

The most iconic feature of Húnaflói is the bizarrely shaped rock formation Hvítserkur, which rises from the surface of the sea and resembles an elephant drinking. It is far from the only important site, however. The popular tourist stop of Blönduós also faces out to the bay as does Siglufjörður, home of the award-winning Herring Era Museum.

To the south of the bay, you can find the Vatnsnes Peninsula, renowned for its seal colonies, and the town of Hvammstangi, home of the Icelandic Seal Centre.