Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

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Svartifoss in Iceland

Iceland is spectacular in so many ways and Icelandic nature is quite unique with its vast landscape,  volcanic activity, geothermal areas, glacier lagoons and sceneries, black sand beaches and spectacular mountain ridges.  The country's most recognizable series of attractions though are maybe the endless amount of waterfalls making Iceland quite unique. Once I heard the number 10.000.  I'm not sure about this number but I sure know that they are in abundance and wherever you go you will find a waterfall so chasing them is easy.  

Háifoss in Iceland

Why do we have so many waterfalls some people ask and the answer is because we have north Atlantic climate that produces frequent rain and snow and due to the Arctic location we also have large glaciers feeding the rivers during warmer days.  Because of all this the result is large amount of waterfalls.

Gljúfrabúi in Iceland

Despite our collection of waterfalls they are all very unique and differ from each other both in shape and sizes. You dont need to go far from the city to explore and enjoy dynamic and epic waterfalls. We even have some in Reykjavík city in the Elliðaárdalur valley.  The most popular waterfalls are the Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Goðafoss but those fabulous five are just a tiny little fraction from the menu.

Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

There is something special about waterfalls and I love to discover new ones because its one of my favourite subject to photograph and explore. They are so dynamic but at the same time relaxing somehow and no waterfall looks the same so you always have different experience and of course different aspect with every new one you meet. 

stjórnarfoss in Iceland

Enclosed are some images of my personal favourites and it would be nice hearing your experience of Icelandic waterfalls and your favourite ones?!

kirkjufellsfoss in Iceland

þjófafoss in Iceland

Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

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