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Furuvellir 18, 600 Akureyri, Iceland
Monday: 6:00 – 11:00 PM; Tuesday: 6:00 – 11:00 PM; Wednesday: 6:00 – 11:00 PM; Thursday: 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM; Friday: 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM; Saturday: 2:00 PM – 1:00 AM; Sunday: 2:00 – 11:00 PM
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A cap of an Einstok beer proudly carries Iceland's name.

Einstok Brewery (Einstök Ölgerd, which means "unique brewery" in Icelandic) is a renowned beer maker from Iceland and a symbol of the country's craft beer revolution. Established in 2010, Einstok has garnered international acclaim for its exceptional beer inspired by Iceland's nature and heritage.

Einstok Brewery's commitment to excellence has resulted in high praise for their beer products. The brewery can be found in Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland.

You can visit the Einstok Brewery to learn about its processes and products on one of the many self-drive tours that visit North Iceland. This ten-day northern lights road trip provides time in Akureyri, allowing you to enjoy the brewery to warm up in winter.

This 13-day summer tour is another great option.

If you would rather not drive, many vacation packages, such as a seven-day action-packed adventure, also have a night in Akureyri.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by 5snake5. No edits made.

What Can You See at Einstok Brewery?



Einstok Brewery spends years to perfect their exquisite craft beers.Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Wiki.cullin. No edits made.

When visiting Einstök Brewery in Iceland, visitors can expect to be greeted by a blend of modernity and rustic charm, reflecting the essence of Icelandic culture.The brewery offers a guided tour of the facility, where you can witness the process of brewing Einstok's signature beers. 

After the tour, you can indulge in a tasting session and savor the distinct flavors of Einstok's diverse beer lineup. If you're seeking a deeper immersion, Einstok Brewery often hosts special events, ranging from beer pairing dinners to hands-on brewing workshops.

These events let visitors connect with fellow beer enthusiasts and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind each pint.

Where is Einstok Brewery Located?

Einstok Brewery is found in Akureyri's fishing port, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Iceland. Akureyri is renowned for its stunning fjords, snow-capped mountains, and vibrant cultural scene.

What Makes Einstok Brewery Unique?

Several things make Einstok Brewery unique.

Firstly, the brewery's commitment to using only the purest Icelandic water from glacial springs contributes to its beers' exceptional quality and distinct taste. This pristine water, untouched by pollutants, lends a crispness and clarity to Einstok's beers that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

An ice-cold bottle of the White Ale, Einstok's best-seller.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by Julia S. No edits made.

Secondly, Einstok Brewery draws inspiration from Iceland's rich cultural heritage and rugged landscapes. It infuses its beers with a sense of place and adventure. Each brew tells a story of Iceland's majestic beauty and untamed spirit, from the Arctic Pale Ale to the White Ale.

The brewery also didn't take any shortcuts in developing its best-seller, the White Ale. The owners shared that the beer went through 10 versions before finally perfecting the taste that they wanted to achieve.

Furthermore, Einstok's commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse beer styles, from traditional ales to experimental brews. This willingness to push boundaries and explore new flavors ensures there's always something exciting brewing at Einstok, making it a destination for beer enthusiasts seeking quality and creativity.

How to Get to the Einstok Brewery

From the Port of Akureyri, head north on Fiskitangi before turning left to Hjalteyrargata. As you continue along Hjalteyrargata, you'll notice it turns slightly right and becomes Strandgata. Continue driving, then turn left to Glerargata.

About 0.13 miles (210 meters) away, turn right to Kaupvangsstraeti, where you'll find Einstok Brewery to your left.

Nearby Attractions Worth Visiting

After spending time at Einstok Brewery, maximize your trip to Akureyri by visiting the Akureyri Art Museum next door. The museum is perfect for art enthusiasts who wish to admire contemporary Icelandic art. It also showcases rotating exhibitions housed within a beautifully renovated former dairy building.

The iconic Akureyri Church is a must-see attraction when visiting Akureyri.Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Brad Weber No edits made.

Meanwhile, about 0.16 miles (270 meters) from Einstok Brewery is the Akureyrarkirkja or the Akureyri Church. Completed in 1940, this iconic church symbolizes religious significance and architectural splendor. It is renowned for its striking modernist design, characterized by clean lines, towering spire, and breathtaking panoramic views.

Another notable stop is the Akureyri Botanical Garden, about 0.52 miles (850 meters) away. The garden offers visitors a tranquil escape into the world of plants and flowers. Moreover, it serves as a center for education and conservation.

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