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I work on Photo tours with Iurie Belegurschi. We also try to provide photographers with tips about the best photography locations and attractions in Iceland and Greenland ...
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Last summer I hitchhiked my way round the country, the outer circle of highway number one, first heading south toward the East.  I was short on cash so I volunteered to help set up a heavy metal festival in the far east fishing village of Neskaupsstaður.  The three day headbanger´s extravaganza is called Eistnaflug (e. flying testicles) and has been growing for the past six years, now with almost a thousand guests transforming the quiet town into a monstrous meeting of metalheads. I squeezed myself into my friend Palli´s (seen below making soup) Volvo and we rode out early on wednesday, aft


As Palli´s white station Volvo made it´s noisy way across the mountains from Neskaupsstaður to the northernmost of the east fiords, Seyðisfjörður, I tried to peer through the haze of events that the Eistnaflug metal festival had formed in my head and plan my next moves.  My mates assured me that I would have some place to stay in Seyðisfjörður and could survive there for a week, and then head home eventually. The town is as far away from Reykjavík as you get in Iceland, and was at some point an alternative capital.  Luckily Reykjavík was picked, as Seyðisfjörður is surrounded by majestic mo

The awesomeness of Snæfellsnes

On the southern coast of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, a pair of cliffs named Lóndrangar give home to local birds (not to mention the elves;) and have inspired many tourists, painters and photographers.  The cliffs are volcanic plugs, formed when sturdy basalt rock, hardened within the vent of an ancient volcanic crater, remained erect after the softer lava eroded away.  The rock of the hill Svalþúfa in the foreground is thought to have formed the rim of the crater, but the sea has claimed the rest. The taller cliff is believed to have been first ascended in 1735, and remains a challenging cli


Under Iceland´s calm exterior, surface water meets lukewarm magma at a depth of around two thousand metres and comes to a boil, resulting in the geyser effect - the word geyser deriving from Iceland´s original Geysir in Haukadalur.  The country is teeming with other geothermal hot spots, such as this one in the Reykjanes peninsula. Contact me and Iurie for more info or for guidance to the otherworldly outdoors of Iceland.


Iceland is ideal for timelapse photography, due to the everchanging weather and light, and the stunning landscapes. Doug and Karen Urquhart travelled the country for two weeks last autumn, with a tent and a Canon 7D, and shot this amazing collection of timelapse videos.  When they reached Jökulsárlón the Northern Lights appeared, quite vividly, as this years Solar Maximum was drawing near, with heightened solar winds which set the lights in motion.

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