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Informasjon om Pollurinn varme kilde

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J4X4+J3 Tálknafjörður, Iceland
Mandag: Åpent 24 timer; Tirsdag: Åpent 24 timer; Onsdag: Åpent 24 timer; Torsdag: Åpent 24 timer; Fredag: Åpent 24 timer; Lørdag: Åpent 24 timer; Søndag: Åpent 24 timer
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Pollurinn is a hidden hot spring, found in the Southwestern part of the Westfjords region. Pollurinn hot spring is a hidden attraction near the small village of Talknafjordur, which is a part of Iceland's Westfjords region. 

Visit the hot spring when you pass by the Talknafjordur village during your Dynjandi Waterfall and Westfjords Villages tour and the Nature and Landscape Photography Tour in the Westfjords. You can also stop at the Pollurinn hot spring during a Budget Self-Drive Tour of the Ring Road, Myvatn, and the Westfjords. 

The Pollurinn hot spring is located in the Southern part of the Westfjords region, just outside Talknafjordur village. The hot spring is by a mountainside, making it a perfect place for relaxing after a hike. Also, aside from its hot waters, the hot spring offers beautiful surroundings for those who plan to unwind here. 

About the Pollurinn Natural Hot Spring 

Iceland is home to many natural attractions worth visiting. Aside from its waterfalls, the country is also home to many hot springs due to its areas that have high geothermal activities. 

One of the many hot springs you can visit in Iceland's Westfjords region is the Pollurinn hot spring. Unlike other hot springs such as South Iceland's Blue Lagoon and the North's Myvatn Nature Baths, Pollurinn is free and often uncrowded. Thus, it's an ideal place for those seeking a quieter soak, with fewer people to share the experience. 

Additionally, the hot spring offers an excellent destination for visitors who want to experience the beauty of Iceland without having to trek. 

Pollurinn Hot Spring's Characteristics

The village residents take great pride in maintaining the remote hot spring.

Pollurinn hot spring comprises four concrete pools of different sizes and depths. Also, each one is painted in a light blue or turquoise shade, giving it a calm and relaxing feel. 

One of the pools is a single large pool that's almost the shape of a big letter "L." Meanwhile, the other three pools are smaller. Two are shaped like a square, and one is rectangular. 

There's a rustic-looking changing room onsite, where visitors can change into their swimsuits before dipping into the waters. Before plunging into the pool, visitors can also use a small shower available onsite. 

The water can be anywhere from 96.8 F (36 C) to 114.8 F (46 C) in temperature. But if the temperature gets too hot thanks to the geothermal activity, you may use a hose to replenish the geothermal pools with cooler water while you wait in the changing room.

The hot springs are also rich in minerals that can help soothe visitors' sore muscles after a long day of hiking and exploring. 

The Beauty Surrounding Pollurinn Hot Spring

Pollurinn hot spring is located where the sea meets the land. This location makes it a great spot to enjoy the geothermally heated waters while looking at the horizon, surrounded by the mountains and the sea. 

The area surrounding the hot spring is also known for its rich animal life, including puffins and seabird colonies. During winter, visitors to the hot spring can catch a glimpse of the northern lights when the sun goes down. 

How to Get to the Remote Pollurinn Hot Spring

Getting to Pollurinn hot spring is a bit of a journey since no buses or trains pass by the village of Talknafjordur. Also, due to the hot spring's remote location, renting a car from the nearest towns is the best way to access it. 

The hot spring is around 255 miles (411 kilometers) from the capital city of Reykjavik. 

From Reykjavik, follow Route 1 until you reach Route 60 and continue following this road. Once you get to Flokalundur hotel, look for Route 62, and follow it until you reach Patreksfjordur village. From Patreksfjordur village, continue your journey by driving through Route 63.

Once you reach Route 617, turn left, and continue driving until you reach the town of Talknafjordur, then the hot spring. 

The drive from the capital city may take more than five hours. However, you're sure to see a lot of beautiful views on the way of farms, rolling hills, and mountains. Moreover, you can also stop by some towns and villages and rest before continuing your trip.  

If you have limited time for exploration, you can choose to ride the plane from Reykjavik to the town of Bildudalur. Bildudalur is around 14 miles (23 kilometers) away from Pollurinn. From Bildudalur, travelers can rent a car, then drive to Pollurinn hot spring and other parts of the Westfjords region.  

The drive from Bildudalur to Pollurinn takes less than an hour. From Bildudalur, travelers only need to follow Route 63, then turn right to Route 617 until they reach the hot springs. 

Attractions and Activities Near Pollurinn Hot Spring

Puffins are a common sight at the Latrabjarg cliff. Pollurinn hot spring is located in the southwestern part of Iceland's Westfjords region. Its location makes it a convenient stop to other Westfjords attractions.

The Talknafjordur campsite is located outside the village of Talknafjordur, a five-minute drive from the Pollurinn hot spring. 

The campsite offers a variety of family-friendly activities. Aside from camping tents, there are playgrounds, a restaurant, and some walking paths. 

When it comes to the nearest settlements, aside from Talknafjordur, there are two other villages close to Pollurinn, Patreksfjordur to its south and Bildudalur to its north. Both are approximately 14 miles (22 kilometers) from the hot spring. 

For fans of history and mythology, the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum and Coffee Shop at Bildudalur is the perfect place for you. The museum is dedicated to Iceland's sea monsters, such as the merhorse, the merman, and the shore laddie.

You can also try "hunting" these monsters with the museum's interactive monster table. 

Latrabjarg cliff, also known as the westernmost part of Iceland, is 49 miles (78 kilometers) southwest of Pollurinn hot spring. Latrabjarg is popular among bird watchers and animal lovers due to its large bird colony consisting of puffins, razorbills, fulmar, guillemots, and many more. 

Note you can only see puffins and other migratory birds in summer.

The magnificent Dynjandi waterfall is a stunning site you can visit on your way to Isafjordur. The waterfall looks like a wedding veil and is approximately 53 miles (85 kilometers) from the hot spring. 

If you want to see a nearer waterfall, the Fossfjordur waterfall is located in a small valley covered with moss and grass, 21 miles (35 kilometers) away. To reach it, you need to go on a short trek. 

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