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Przewodnik turystyczny — Gorące źródło Skatalaug

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Reykjanes Peninsula with the mountains as its background is the location of Skatalaug hot spring.Skatalaug hot spring, spelled Skátalaug in Icelandic, is a geothermal hot spring found in the Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland. 

Travelers can visit Skatalaug when they visit the Reykjanes Peninsula or join private tours passing by the region. Some private tours travelers can join to see the hot spring include the 6-Hour Tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula or the Tour of the Peninsula in a Luxury Vehicle. You can also go on a self-drive tour, such as the Immersive Summer Tour of the West and South Coasts of Iceland. 

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Reykholt. No edits made.

Skatalaug is a hidden gem of Southwest Iceland and is smaller than other hot springs in the area, such as those in Krysuvik. Due to this, not so many people visit this place, allowing visitors more time to relax in the area. 

About Skatalaug Hot Spring

Skatalaug is a hot spring found in the Reykjanes Peninsula, known for its incredible geothermal activities. Aside from Skatalaug, the peninsula is also home to the famous Blue Lagoon and the hot springs of Krysuvik. 

Skatalaug hot spring is not as famous as the Blue Lagoon and the hot springs of Krysuvik. However, this feature makes it a charming place to visit because the site is not crowded compared to Reykjanes' other hot springs.

Skatalaug is also the best place to relax after a whole day of traveling due to its peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings. 

Physical Features of Skatalaug Hot Spring

Skatalaug hot spring is small, looks like a pond, and is easy to miss if you don't know where to look and what you need to look for. The hot spring looks like two hot springs where one is bigger than the other due to its division of stones. 

The natural hot spring's water originates from a larger nearby hot spring, and its temperature is around 93.2 F (34 C). 

The area is surrounded by beautiful surroundings of grass and mountain views. Visitors should note that there are no changing rooms in the vicinity, so it's necessary to plan accordingly. However, they can leave their clothes on the grass surrounding the hot spring without fear of them being stolen. 

Skatalaug Hot Spring Location 

Skatalaug is located at an off-the-beaten-track part of the Reykjanes Peninsula. To its northeast, 2.4 miles (3.9 kilometers) away, is Kleifarvatn lake, the largest lake in the peninsula. Meanwhile, to its south is Krysuvik geothermal area. 

How Do You Get to Skatalaug Hot Spring

Skatalaug can be found via Google Maps through its coordinates, 63.90393, -22.04331. 

The nearest community to Skatalaug hot spring is the Reykjanesbaer municipality, which comprises three towns, Keflavik, Njardvik, and Hafnir. Meanwhile, the nearest international airport in the area, the Keflavik International Airport, is located in the town of Keflavik. 

While at Keflavik, travelers can join a tour passing by Skatalaug or rent a car and drive 33.5 miles (53.9 kilometers) east to get to Skatalaug's hot spring. 

From Keflavik, head east on route 41 until you reach the town of Hafnarborg. After reaching Hafnarborg, go south, following route 42, where you'll pass by the Aurora Basecamp and Kleifarvatn lake. Upon reaching Kleifarvatn lake, drive 2.2 miles (3.5 kilometers) south, turn right and leave the main road to get to the hot springs. 

Attractions Near Skatalaug Hot Spring

Kleifarvatn lake is one of the deepest lake in Iceland. Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Balou46. No edits made.

There are many unique attractions near Skatalaug hot spring, which travelers can visit during their South Iceland trip. 

Those interested in volcanoes can visit the Fagradalsfjall volcano, famous for its 2021 and 2022 eruptions. The volcano is only 13 miles (20.9 kilometers) away from the hot spring. 

North of the hot spring is Kleifarvatn lake, the largest lake in Reykjanes and one of Iceland's deepest at 318 feet (97 meters). According to local folklore, deep in its waters lives a whale-like monster. 

There are also other nearby hot springs south of Skatalaug, at Krysuvik. Its main geothermal section, Seltun, has hot springs and mud pools easily accessible by the road. 

Further south, around 1.6 miles (2.6 kilometers) from Skatalaug, is a beautiful lake called Gigvatnsvatn. The lake's water is a lovely shade of green, and it is near an abandoned geothermal plant.

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