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Путеводитель: Ellidaey Island

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The Ellidaey island is one of many beautiful islands in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelagoEllidaey Island, spelled Elliðaey in Icelandic, is an uninhabited island off the South Coast of Iceland. It's part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, also known as the Westman Islands.

Ellidaey is the third largest and northeasternmost island in the Westman Islands, and it's famous for being home to the "world’s loneliest house."

It is not possible to visit Ellidaey Island without the permission of the landowners. However, it is often the first island you will pass if you book a ferry to the Westman Islands. You can also see it on many tours from the Westman Islands.

This two-hour speedboat tour from Heimaey, the only inhabited island in the archipelago, will provide you with great views in clear weather. This four-hour hiking and boat tour may also allow you to witness Ellidaey Island from land and sea.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Szilas.

The History of Ellidaey Island

You'll sail past Ellidaey when traveling to the Westman IslandsEllidaey Island is one of the many islands and rocks that compose the Westman Islands. This volcanic archipelago, called Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic, is geologically young. It only moved above sea level around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago!

Though different islands have been inhabited for periods throughout history, today, only Heimaey has permanent residents. However, there are two buildings on Ellidaey island. The oldest and smallest is a simple shed that was likely used as a storage building by biologists studying the island’s nature.

The largest building is a distinct white house standing alone in the greenery between Ellidaey’s two tallest peaks. Built by the Ellidaey Hunting Association in 1953, the lodge has been photographed many times for its lonely appearance on a far-flung, otherwise untouched island.

Physical Features of Ellidaey Island

Ellidaey Island is a beautiful feature in the Westman Islands. Though larger than most of the Westman Islands, Ellidaey Island covers just 110 acres (45 hectares). The cliffs surrounding it are steep and tall, which is partly why it has not been permanently inhabited.

The plateau where the Ellidaey Hunting Lodge sits is covered in short grass and moss and has several hills. One of the hills is the island’s most recent volcano. This peak has a noticeable crater covered in greenery.

Like the rest of the Westman Islands, the cliffs of Ellidaey Island are home to many birds, particularly in summer. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises occasionally feed around Ellidaey Island.

Where is Ellidaey Island Located?

Ellidaey is part of the Westman IslandsEllidaey is around 3 miles (4 kilometers) northeast of Heimaey, clearly visible from the latter on clear days. It is the closest of the Westman Islands to the mainland, about 7 miles (10 kilometers) from the South Coast.

What Makes Ellidaey Island So Special

The Westman Islands can be seen from Iceland's south coastEllidaey Island is a noticeable attraction because of its incredible beauty, remote location, and striking, lonely house. Its mysterious history and lack of inhabitants reflect many of Iceland’s most beautiful spots.

Ellidaey Island also gained online fame in the early 21st Century. Internet rumors claimed that Icelandic musician Björk lived in the Ellidaey Hunting Lodge. While fitting of her eclectic image and passion for Iceland’s nature, it was proven an urban legend twisted from tongue-in-cheek statements from the prime minister in 2000.

How to Get to Ellidaey Island and the Westman Islands

You'll have to take the Herjolfur ferry to reach the Westman Islands

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Michał Strzelecki.

Ellidaey Island is inaccessible to travelers due to its remote location, lack of harbor, and the fact that the Icelandic government protects the land. However, it can be seen en route to the Westman Islands and visited on boat tours from Heimaey.

To reach Heimaey, travel with the Herjolfur ferry from Landeyjarhofn. However, some services leave from Thorlakshofn, particularly in bad weather. Both are settlements on the South Coast and are easy to reach for those renting a car in Iceland.

The ferry ride takes around 35 minutes in good weather, and passengers can bring their car on the ferry. 

Some guided tours, such as this 12.5-hour summer tour, depart from Reykjavik to allow those staying in the city to see Ellidaey Island without renting a car. This 10-hour Westman Island tour is a private excursion. You can organize a boat tour with your guide for a better look.

Is There Anything Else to Do Around the Ellidaey Island?

Heimaey is the only populated island in the Westman Islands.As noted, Ellidaey Island is usually only seen on boats to and from Heimaey. However, Heimaey offers a wealth of activities you can enjoy.

The Eldfell volcano is a central attraction, dominating the scenery. Visitors can hike up and into its crater. This volcano erupted with catastrophic consequences in 1973, which you can learn about at the fascinating Eldheimar Museum.

In summer, puffin-watching is very popular. The Westman Islands are the world’s biggest nesting ground for Atlantic puffins, which live in the cliffs from May to September. At the end of the season, you may even see chicks named pufflings. They often hobble away from the nests to more populated areas.

A group of puffins take flight in the Westman Islands.This guided nine-hour Westman Islands tour from Reykjavik includes a puffin-watching component. This meet-on-location kayaking tour will also bring you to these adorable creatures. Any boat tours that include Ellidaey Island will have excellent success rates for puffin sightings.

Another major attraction of the Westman Islands is the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, where you can see two rescued beluga whales in a protected open-water bay. This sanctuary also rehabilitates seabirds, including puffins, and has information on Iceland’s marine life.

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