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Thorlakshofn is the main town of the Olfus district in South Iceland, located on the South Shore. It has a population of about 1400 people and is a main port for South Iceland. It is furthermore important as a connecting point with the Westman Islands.

Thorlakshofn has an excellent natural harbour, and is indeed the only fishing town in the South coast that can truly be said to have a natural harbour and the only one to accommodate modern ships and ferrys. There is a newly constructed harbour called Landeyjarhofn further along the south shore, opposite the Westman Islands, but that harbour is still on an experimental stage and its future use is unclear. There are rich fishing grounds off the Thorlakshofn shore and fishing is an important part of the town's economy.

A ferry goes from the town to the Westman Islands. In 1973, the whole population of Heimaey, the only one of the islands that's habited, evacuated to Thorlakshofn following the eruption of Eldfell in the island. Many of the evacuees settled in Thorlakshofn afterwards, while others returned to the island.

As is common with Icelandic shores, a number of seabirds may be found in the area, such as arctic terns, skuas, and blackbacks.

Last, but not least, the shore, and indeed the whole of the south shore of Iceland, offers some of the most amazing braker waves that you are likely to see, and may reach as high as 25 meters. Other ideal places to watch the brakers include Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki.

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