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Информация про Fláajökull

Glaciers, Glacier Lagoons
Rif, Iceland
Eastern Region, Iceland
Расстояние от центра
24.7 km
Для всей семьи
2 km
15 km
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Fláajökull is one of hundreds of glacier tongues that extend from Iceland's largest ice cap, Vatnajokull.Wikimedia. Creative Commons. Credit:  Jerzy Strzelecki.

Fláajökull ("Sloping Glacier") is a small glacier tongue found on the east side of Breiðabunga volcano, stretching down from Iceland's largest ice cap, Vatnajökull. 

Explore this area while on a self drive tour in Iceland.

In the past, the glacier has been referred to as Hólmsárjökull, Mýrájökull and Hólsárjökull.

In the last century, Fláajökull has receded two kilometres, causing growing concern amongst locals that climate change will continue to melt and destroy Iceland's glaciers in the upcoming decades. 

To access Fláajökull, follow the signposts outside of Hólmur guesthouse, travelling down the Ring Road before turning off for 8 km down a gravel road. This track leads to a car park and walking trail to the glacial tongue. Guided glacier hiking tours operate from this area, making for an excellent alternative to glacier walks in the Skaftafell area.