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Информация про Hauganes

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Hauganes is one of the prime whale watching locations in Iceland

Hauganes is a village, located within fjord Eyjafjörður in North Iceland with a population of approximately 140 people.

The best way to visit this village is on a relaxed self drive tour. One of the best options for doing so is this 7-day Arctic Coast Way self drive, available in the summer months.

Photo above from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Allihjelm. No edits made.

Hauganes is part of the Árskógsströnd coastal area and the district of Dalvík. The community is largely centred around fishing and fish processing, as well as whale watching, but Hauganes hosts the oldest working whale watching tour operator in the country. 

The Wildlife of Hauganes

Eyjafjörður, Iceland’s longest fjord, is a prime destination for spotting more than ten species of whale, including the blue whale, fin whale, humpback, killer whale, sperm whale and white-beaked dolphins. Wildlife enthusiasts can also set out to the islands of Hrísey and Grímsey from Hauganes for the chance of detecting some forty species of bird. Seals also inhabit these waters and are very often spotted, both in Eyjafjörður and its neighbouring fjord of Öxarfjörður.