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Путеводитель: Icelandic Aviation Museum

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The Icelandic Aviation Museum's collection encompasses aircraft of various sizes and types.

The Icelandic Aviation Museum (Flugsafn Íslands in Icelandic) is a tribute to Iceland's aviation history, showcasing an extensive collection of aircraft and memorabilia regarding the evolution of flight in this island nation.

The Icelandic Aviation Museum, originally called the Aviation Museum in Akureyri, offers an interesting exploration of the milestones of Icelandic aviation, from its earliest days to modern achievements. Visitors can explore a diverse array of exhibits, including restored aircraft that span the history of flight in Iceland, detailed models, and personal artifacts from significant figures in the aviation community.

The Aviation Museum highlights the technological advancements and challenges of flying in Iceland's unique landscape. It celebrates the spirit and contributions of Icelandic aviators who have played an important role in connecting this remote island with the rest of the world. Overall, the museum provides a great experience for all ages.

The museum is an easily accessible and enriching stop for those embarking on self-drive tours through North Iceland with a rental car. The museum is by the Akureyri Airport, so it's a convenient attraction for travelers flying in and out of Akureyri. It's also within walking distance from many Akureyri accommodations, making it a great stop when exploring attractions in and around the city.

Photo above from Flickr, Creative Commons, by snowflakes on a sunny island No edits made.

The History of the Icelandic Aviation Museum

See the history of Icelandic aviation up close in AkureyriPhoto from Flickr, Creative Commons, by James Petts. No edits made.

The Icelandic Aviation Museum opened in June 2000 due to a growing need for hangar space at Akureyri Airport. At the same time, the importance of preserving Iceland's aviation heritage became apparent. The museum then established a nonprofit organization to collect, maintain, and display aviation-related artifacts.

Soon after its establishment, the museum secured a lease for an airplane hangar at the airport, which was later purchased and transformed into a display area. The space evolved to showcase various exhibits, from actual aircraft and gliders to scale models under one roof, complete with a workshop area for restorations.

The Aviation Museum building has a plane sticking out of the wall!Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by TravelingOtter. No edits made.

The museum opened with an aviation festival that has since become an annual tradition. 

As the collection expanded, the initial premises quickly reached their capacity, leading to exploring options for expansion. Increasing exhibit numbers resulted in the need for a new, significantly bigger building. Construction began in the fall of 2006 and opened its doors in the summer of 2007. 

This new facility allowed the museum to host its first major event, a 70th-anniversary celebration of the Icelandic airline Icelandair. This event marked a new chapter in the museum's history and its role in celebrating and preserving Iceland's aviation legacy.

Icelandic Aviation Museum Exhibits and Features

The Icelandic Aviation Museum (Flugsafn Íslands in Icelandic) is a captivating tribute to Iceland's aviation history, showcasing an extensive collection of aircraft and memorabilia that chronicle the evolution of flight in this island nation.

Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by James Petts No edits made.

The Icelandic Aviation Museum offers a journey through the history of Icelandic aviation, from the first flight in 1919 to the modern day. Its collection encompasses aircraft of various sizes and types, including a rescue helicopter, model aircraft, and many other interesting items and photographs. 

Notably, some planes are still airworthy and take to the skies during the museum's Flight Day, an annual event every June. 

Museum highlights include the opportunity for visitors to explore the interior of select aircraft and experience special exhibitions focusing on specific aspects of aviation history each year.

Among the museum's notable exhibits is an array of aircraft that tell the story of flying in Iceland, including the detailed preservation of critical moments and the contributions of those who have taken part in this sector. 

A glimpse into an aircraft's interior at the Icelandic Aviation Museum in Akureyri.Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by James Petts No edits made.

The museum houses various aircraft and artifacts alongside photographic displays that record different aspects of aviation history. From ultra-lights and aircraft engines to airport equipment and a flight simulation trainer, the exhibits collectively tell the tale of Icelandic aviation. Artifacts from the wreck of a British R.A.F Fairey Battle, which crashed in the mountains west of Akureyri in 1941, add another layer to the museum's collection.

You'll also discover operational manuals, flight attendant uniforms, model airplanes, cockpits, and interactive elements like a toy airplane for younger visitors. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff enhance the experience, offering detailed insights into the exhibits.

Opening Hours and How to Get There

An airplane propellor on display at the Icelandic Aviation Museum in Akureyri.Photo from Flickr, Creative Commons, by James Petts No edits made.

The Icelandic Aviation Museum welcomes visitors year-round, with hours that change seasonally. The museum is open daily from May to early September, providing plenty of time for guests to discover its extensive collection.  In winter, the museum is usually open on Saturdays and is available for visits by appointment.

Situated by Akureyri Airport, the museum is just 2.3 miles (3.7 kilometers) south of central Akureyri. You can also get closer to the museum with public transport from the town center.

Attractions Near the Icelandic Aviation Museum

Akureyrakirkja church is a landmark of North IcelandAfter enjoying the rich history of Icelandic aviation, a variety of other attractions await just moments away, offering a perfect continuation of your sightseeing in Akureyri. 

The Akureyri Botanical Gardens, a peaceful haven, is renowned for its impressive collection of local and international flora, providing a colorful and serene environment for relaxation and leisurely walks. 

The Akureyri Museum offers visitors a deep dive into the local history and culture, showcasing artifacts and exhibits from the earliest settlements to modern times.

Across the Eyjafjordur bay, you can enjoy a soak in the luxurious Forest Lagoon geothermal bath. It offers fantastic views of Akureyri and the surrounding mountains, just remember to book your Forest Lagoon entry ahead of time.

Additionally, a stroll through the old town of Akureyri reveals a quaint and vibrant area filled with historic buildings, charming cafes, and unique shops, allowing visitors to soak in the local culture and history of the "Capital of the North."

Each of these attractions, easily accessible from the museum, complements a day spent delving into Akureyri's diverse offerings.

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