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Guide de Voyage : Lebowski Bar

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Food & Drinks, Bars & Cafés
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Laugavegur 20, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Heures d'ouverture
11:00 - 01:00
Distance par rapport au centre
280 m
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Lebowski Bar is located on Reykjavik's main street, Laugavegur.Lebowski Bar is a unique and lively restaurant and bar inspired by the 1998 cult classic film, "The Big Lebowski," and a mandatory stop for any fan of the Coen brothers visiting Iceland.

The bar is separated into four themes.Opened in 2012, Lebowski Bar is, at its core, a retro American bar with an interior reflecting the aesthetic and spirit of the movie it's honoring. The bar is separated into four themes: a bowling alley, a southern-style porch, a 50s diner, and a kind of 60s lounge bar. The walls are plastered with memorabilia and decor that pay homage to various scenes and characters.

During the daytime, Lebowski Bar serves a diner-style menu.During the daytime, Lebowski Bar offers an affordable diner-style restaurant menu with an emphasis on delicious hamburgers which are, in keeping with the theme, based on characters from the movie.

These burgers are simple but varied, catering to a wide range of tastes. The Bunny Lebowski, for instance, is a BBQ chicken burger served with blue cheese sauce, while the Brandt is a spicy beef burger with chili-marinated bacon and garlic sauce. Another specialty at Lebowski Bar is their milkshakes, which can be served with or without alcohol.

There are over 20 variations of the White Russian available at Lebowski Bar.During the evenings, Lebowski Bar has a DJ playing every night and five HD screens showing live sports events or screenings of classic movies. On weekend nights, it transforms into a popular nightclub that's the most reliable place in town to take to the dancefloor to 80s tunes. 

Lebowski Bar wouldn't live up to its name without an extensive menu of White Russians, the signature drink of the film's protagonist, The Dude. With over 20 variations of this cocktail, guests can enjoy a wide range of flavors and twists on the classic recipe. If you're into White Russians, don't worry; there's a nice selection of draft beers and other cocktails as well.

During weekend nights, Lebowski Bar is a popular nightime spot.Overall, Lebowski Bar is a laid-back place to go, whether you're looking to get a casual burger or want to experience Reykjavik's nightlife. If you end up not liking the place, well, that's just like your opinion, man!

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