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De Warmwaterbron Fosslaug

Fosslaug is a natural hot spring in Fosslaug, North Iceland, comprised of rocks and a mud floor. 

Fosslaug hot spring is among the venues to include when touring hot springs in Iceland. This hidden gem can be visited when you go on a self-drive tour on the Ring Road along with other sites like the Hvitserkur basalt rock stack and Trollaskagi peninsula.

The spring features a cold-water stream flowing through the river approximately 164 feet (50 meters) from the hot pool. Despite having a muddy bottom, the water in this hot spring is pretty clear, and the temperature is not so hot, making it conducive for soaking and relaxing. 

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Bromr No edits made.

A Hidden Gem in North Iceland

Fosslaug hot spring presents a picturesque view of the countryside with its beautiful and tranquil scenery. This untapped treasure has no establishments in the area, offering visitors a chance to enjoy nature's raw beauty, like the clear blue sky, lush green surrounding, and a stunning view of the distant horizon.

The hidden spring is situated in a secluded place in Fosslaug, North Iceland, near the Reykjafoss waterfall and nestled next to a small river. Because of its remote location, the spring is visited by those who want to enjoy a peaceful bathing experience away from the more crowded geothermal pools. 

How to Get To Fosslaug?

Fosslaug hot spring is approximately 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) from Reykjafoss and around 4.4 miles (7.1 kilometers) from Varmahlid village.

This concealed gem is tricky to find, requiring you to take an off-the-beaten-track route. Its GPS coordinates are 65°29'44.6″N 19°22'55.6″W. 

When arriving via Ring Road, go onto road 752 at Varmahlid and continue for about 4.3 miles (7 kilometers). Afterward, turn left once you spot a Vindheimar signboard and drive on until you cross two small bridges. 

On the gravel road, make a right turn and park your vehicle by the fence. Walk through the two gates when heading right and stroll for about five minutes to the hot pool. 

What Makes This Geothermal Area Special?

This scenic hot pot is extra enjoyable because it's free. Visitors can enjoy a quiet and peaceful bath with a stunning view without the need to pay an entrance fee. 

Aside from that, the water here remains warm, unlike most hot springs in Iceland, providing comfortable year-round swimming. Additionally, the sizable hot pool offers room for four to seven people, suitable when touring with family or friends.

Other Popular Sites Nearby

The closest attraction near Fosslaug hot spring is the Reykjafoss waterfall. Other notable sites nearby include the Kolugljufur gorge, Glaumbaer turf housesGrafarkirkja turf churchHofsos swimming pool, and the aforementioned Hvitserkur rock monolith.

Visitors can also explore other sites in North Iceland while visiting Fosslaug hot spring by using one of the Akureyri tours and making short trips to nearby attractions to enjoy other activities such as horse riding and many more.

Because of Iceland's unique location, lying across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and sitting on top of an area with powerful volcanic forces, the country has an abundant number of hot springs. Fosslaug is one of them, but you can check out the other beautiful Icelandic springs in The 25 Best Hot Springs and Geothermal Pools in Iceland.


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