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Frequently Asked Questions

About Akureyri Tours

Akureyri, known as Iceland’s ‘capital of the North,' is the largest urban settlement outside the southwest region. Here, you can partake in a great number of tours and activities that introduce you to Akureyri's fascinating history and culture. 

Many excursions exploring North Iceland use Akureyri as a departure point. These include tours of the Diamond Circle sightseeing route, visits to Lake Mývatn and whale watching trips, to name only a few.

1. When is the best time of year to visit Akureyri?

The best time of year to visit Akureyri depends on what you plan to see and do. Akureyri is easier to reach in summer, and there are a greater number of tour options available from the town. In the wintertime, however, visitors to Akureyri can ski or snowboard on the nearby, mountainous slopes.

2. What are the main attractions in Akureyri?

Akureyri's city centre is lined with museums, cafés, shops and galleries. On a hill, overlooking the centre, is the ever-popular Akureyri Church and close by are the Botanical Gardens and one of Iceland's best swimming pools.

3. Can you see the northern lights in Akureyri?

Yes, it is possible, though Akureyri is not optimal for watching the auroras given the town's light-pollution. However, there are bus, jeep and boat tours that depart from the town in order to ensure better sightings.

4. Where can I stay in and around Akureyri?

Akureyri and its surrounding area boast a wealth of hotels, hostels, bungalows and guesthouses. It is best to book your place well in advance, however, as the reservations fill up quickly throughout the year.

5. How far is Akureyri from Reykjavik?

Akureyri is 380 km (236 mi) from Reykjavík. Driving between locations will take approximately four and a half hours by car.

6. Do any planes fly between Akureyri and Reykjavik?

Yes, planes fly daily from Reykjavík Domestic Airport. The flight lasts approximately 45 minutes.

7. Is Akureyri on the Ring Road?

Yes, it is.

8. What facilities are there in Akureyri?

Akureyri is one of Iceland’s largest towns. There are museums, shops, restaurants, bars and cafés, a botanical garden, medical facilities, supermarkets, swimming pools and gas stations.

9. Is it better to stay in Akureyri than in Reykjavik for the majority of my trip?

It depends entirely on what you plan to see and do, but the main attractions of both settlements can be explored within the space of a day. However, for a greater choice in downtown attractions and accommodation, Reykjavík is a better bet.

10. How many people live in Akureyri?

Akureyri is home to approximately 18,000 residents.

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