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Reisgids voor De Warmwaterbron Hrunalaug

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4PMV+4X Hruni, Iceland
09:30 - 22:00
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Hrunalaug Hot Spring natural thermal bathing area in the Southwest Icelandic countryside

Hrunalaug Hot Spring is a secluded natural bathing area in the gorgeous and rugged Southwest Iceland countryside.

Visiting the hot springs is an excellent way to unwind from a day of adventuring. You could cap off a family-friendly 1.5-hour South Iceland horse riding tour with a soak in the hot spring. Or, enjoy a three-hour guideless kayaking trip followed by hot spring bathing at Hrunalaug.

The Hrunalaug Hot Spring is a cozy thermal bathing spot surrounded by nature and unmarred by modern conveniences. While you won't find changing rooms, there is an old shed with a bench where you can leave your clothes while you take a dip. Hrunalaug Hot Spring is an ideal place for some quiet time to reflect on the events of a long, adventurous day. 

Photo from Hrunalaug Natural Hot Pool in South Iceland - please keep it clean!

Location of Hrunalaug Hot Spring

You'll find Hrunalaug Hot Spring located conveniently on the eastern portion of the Golden Circle in South Iceland. After exploring Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir geothermal area, it's a relaxing way to finish a great day out.

Hrunalaug Hot Spring is only 18 miles (30 kilometers) from the Strokkur geyser and the Geysir geothermal area. The hot spring is just over 69 miles (111.8 kilometers) from Reykjavik.

To get to the hot spring, follow Route 30 along the Golden Circle, and take 344 just south of the town of Fludir. The springs are less than five minutes off the Golden Circle, so you won't have to detour far. Being close to the Golden Circle makes it one of Iceland's most accessible small hot springs.

Google Maps should take you directly to the parking lot.  

Geology of Hrunalaug Hot Spring

The hot springs in the area all arose from being located near a volcanic system. Luckily, the volcanic activity in the area causes geysers and hot springs rather than volcanic eruptions.

The hot springs result from geothermally heated groundwater rising to the earth's surface. Since the volcanic system is underground and covered by moving tectonic plates, heat escapes as the plates shift. That heat warms the waters in the springs.

What to expect at Hrunalaug Hot Spring

You'll start in a small, gravel parking lot. Then take a five-minute easy walk to reach the bathing area.

While you'll find a lot of hot springs in Iceland that are merely warm, you can get a true hot springs experience here. Three pools have temperatures ranging from 90-104 Fahrenheit (32-40 Celsius).   

The first pool is very picturesque, offering excellent photo opportunities. At 90 F (32 C), it's the coolest of the three. You may not want to spend as much time in it during winter as in summer. It was once a sheep watering hole. 

Next, you will encounter a slightly warmer pool. It's larger than the first but shallow. You'll probably want to use this pool to cool off if you get too hot in the hottest one. 

Finally, you'll find the hottest pool next to the thatched-roof cement building. At around 104 F (40 C), it's the best for soaking in cold weather. It's also the most popular pool at the hot springs. 

Most people spend around 1.5 hours in the water, so plan accordingly.

The popularity of Hrunalaug Hot Spring

Hrunalaug Hot Spring is a stress-free choice if you want a private and serene hot springs experience. It isn't nearly as large or famous as other nearby hot springs, like the Secret Lagoon or Blue Lagoon

The springs are small enough that even eight to ten people soaking can make it feel crowded. So, if the parking lot is already busy, you may want to come back during a quieter time of the day.

Fewer people visit in the mornings and early afternoons. The busiest times of the day tend to be between 1700 and 1800 as people are winding down for the day. Since the days can be especially long in the summer, you may still find the springs a little busy at 2100 or beyond.

When is the best time to visit Hrunalaug Hot Spring?

You can visit Hrunalaug Hot Spring any time of the year. The more of a contrast between the external and internal temperature, the better.

The best time of day to visit is at sunset. It's a relaxing way to end a day of Icelandic exploration. Plus, the water feels amazing on tired legs if you've done a lot of hiking. 

Of course, sunset is far later in the summer than in winter (or not at all). If you time things just right, you could catch the midnight sun during the summer or the northern lights in the winter.

One of the thermal bathing pools at Hrunalaug Hot Spring in Southwest Iceland.Photo from Hrunalaug Natural Hot Pool in South Iceland - please keep it clean!

Changing rooms at Hrunalaug Hot Spring

There are no official changing rooms at Hrunalaug Hot Springs. However, many people use the sheep shed next to the first pool as a changing room, although it lacks privacy. 

Some people don't like changing in a damp turf house next to the pool. If that sounds unpleasant, it may be more comfortable to do a stealthy wardrobe change in your car under a towel.  

Cost to visit Hrunalaug Hot Spring

The cost of visiting is approximately 7.30 USD for adults and 3.66 USD for ages 12-16. It's free for children under 12. All pricing is subject to change. 

A local farmer owns the Hrunalaug Hot Spring land, so there's no payment-collection attendant on site. Instead, payment relies on the honor system. 

Be sure to bring cash for the money collection box. The money collection box is on a post at the start of the trail leading from the parking lot to the springs.

Things to note

It's a good idea to find a restroom to use before your hot springs dip, as there are no restroom facilities on site. Ensure you take any trash away with you and leave no trace.

Because of the geothermal activity in Iceland, you can find hot springs all over the country. Consider booking one of Iceland's many hot spring tours if you enjoy hot spring bathing. 

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