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Informasjon om Innsjøen Langavatn

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The Langavatn lake is located in a remote part of West Iceland. Langavatn lake is a huge lake in West Iceland, near the Snaefellsnes peninsula and the town of Borgarnes. 

Langavatn lake is an ideal place to visit if you want to step away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life. You can pass by the lake during self-drive tours such as this seven-day tour of West and South Iceland or this five-day tour of the wonders of West Iceland. 

Photo from Langavatn Guesthouse

Langavatn is set amid picturesque surroundings and is perfect for fishing trips and camping getaways. The lake is considered one of the best fishing spots in Iceland and is a prime destination for arctic char and brown trout fishing. Its location near the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the town of Borgarnes also makes it a convenient place to visit in West Iceland. 

About Langavatn Lake

Langavatn is a large lake located in a remote area in West Iceland and is usually accessible via a private car or self-drive tour. One of the nearest settlements from it, Borgarnes, is around 20 miles (32 kilometers) away. 

Despite the lake's remote location, plenty of visitors go there for its natural beauty and the abundance of fish. 

Geography of Langavatn Lake

Langavatn lake is approximately 118 feet (36 meters) deep with an area of around two square miles (five square kilometers). Three rivers connect to the lake, Langavatnsa river to the north, Beila river to the east, and Langa river to the south.

The Langa river is where the lake discharges its water after exiting a dam. This regulates the water flow, allowing the breeding of salmon in the river. 

During a prehistoric eruption, a lava dam closed the valley where the lake is situated, resulting in the lake's formation. 

One of the Best Fishing Spots in Iceland

The most popular reason people visit the lake is to go fishing. The lake is the perfect location for anglers of different skill levels. 

Lake Langavatn has an abundance of arctic char and brown trout, both large and small. Although you can fish most of the year, the best season to go fishing in Iceland is from late spring to early summer. Meanwhile, during winter, you can try ice fishing.

A fishing permit is required before you can start angling in Langavatn. You can get a license for Langavatn lake on its own or purchase a Fishing Card, which allows you to fish in over 30 lakes around Iceland. 

Permits ensure anglers follow the rules when fishing in Iceland. Some of those rules include rod fishing being allowed for a maximum of 12 hours, from 07:00 to 00:00. Also, with a card, you are not allowed to catch fish using a net, and you need to announce your catch to the authorities. 

A Breathtaking Icelandic Lake

Aside from being a great fishing location, the lake and its surroundings are beautiful. Lake Langavatn is surrounded by vast open space and boasts a serene atmosphere.  

The mountains in the distance create a picturesque backdrop, ideal for photographing. Also, visitors can admire the valley's beauty reflected in the lake's clear water. The rivers that feed into and leave Langavatn also contribute to the stunning views. 

Camping and Nearby Accommodation in Langavatn Lake

Lake Langavatn during a clear and sunny day.Photo from Langavatn Guesthouse

If you plan to fish at the lake for hours, it's a good idea to look for a nearby place to stay. You can choose between camping near the lake or staying at a hotel nearby. 

The area around Langavatn lake is perfect for camping, thanks to the wide open space surrounding it. However, wild camping is illegal in Iceland, so you must locate a dedicated campsite before setting up your tents and hammocks in the surrounding area. 

If you've got a Fishing Card, camping in the area will be free. However, note that there are no toilets or other hygiene facilities in the area. That is why it's essential to prepare well. Ensure you have the proper equipment, plenty of food, and a warm blanket. 

If you aren't too keen on camping near the lake, you can choose from other accommodations less than 40 minutes away. Some of the nearest ones include Hotel Varmaland, Hotel Bifrost, and the Hraunsnef Country Hotel. 

Nearby Points of Interest

Kirkjufell mountain, a famous Snaefellsnes Peninsula attraction.West Iceland has several natural treasures, including hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes, lava fields, massive cliffs, and many more. You'll find plenty of excellent attractions and can experience a variety of adventures when exploring nearby areas. 

To make the most of your fishing trip in Iceland, you should visit the nearby Hredavatn lake. The lake is around 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Langavatn and is suitable for trout fishing. 

Further east of Hredavatn lake, you can also check out the beautiful waterfall of Glanni, situated near a lava field, and the small village of Bifrost. 

If you plan to travel west of Langavatn lake, you can start your Snaefellsnes peninsula journey. The peninsula is home to some of the most famous sites in Iceland, such as the Snaefellsjokull glacier, Kirkjufell mountain, and Budir. One of the closest Snaefellsnes peninsula attractions to Langavatn is the Gerduberg Cliffs, around 47 miles (76 kilometers) away. 

How to Get to Langavatn Lake?

Since Langavatn lake is remote, you'll have to drive off the main highways to visit it. The lake is 62 miles (100 kilometers) north of Reykjavik. To go to the lake from Reykjavik, you can take Highway 49 and then follow Route 1. 

Once you reach Road 553, turn left and follow it until you arrive at the lake. 

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