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I'm a Icelandic art student working right now as a coffee barista. I am really interested in the traveling business here in Iceland and anywhere else in the world. I love traveling and have traveled a lot in Iceland. I make videos and take pictures, paint and draw.
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Cloud of Ash| Icelandic web series

A new comedy web series about Icelanders and the tourists who come here. This series is sarcastic but pretty funny if you ask me. The series follows Atli and Brogan who work together at a puffin store in Reykjavík. It's maybe a bit over the top but that is what makes it funny. Click here to see their Facebook like page and here to follow them on twitter.   

If I only had 24 hours in Iceland

Let´s say that I only had 24 hours in Iceland and I wanted to use that time as good as possible. Here is a guide to what I would do!  If my plane lands at 8 am... When I land I would want to start in the blue lagoon since it is pretty close to Keflavík airport. If I didn´t start there I would at least try to get there as soon as possible. Here is a bus transfer you can book to the blue lagoon.  The next thing I would do is go to Reykjavík and have a hot dog because I am more of a "light lunch girl" than anything. So I would go have a hot dog at Bæjarins Bestu hot dog stand. It is actual

The coffee culture in Iceland

This is only how I experience the coffee culture in Iceland so just keep that in mind while reading this, Thank you :)  ---------------------------------------------  I am not a huge coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee every once in a while. Last year I started working at a coffee shop in Reykjavík and it made me love the art of coffee and tea even more. But here in Iceland it isn't that big of a deal if you drink coffee or not. Every work place has its coffee machine and people just drink the coffee or they don't. But what I want to talk about is the culture of going

5 reasons you should visit Iceland

1. The weather here has some crazy personality. One day everything is fine and the next it takes the roofs off houses and is trying to steal your car.  2. It doesn't matter when you visit, the nature is always beautiful. The ice caves are so beautiful and when the light is just right it's like a different world. You can book an ice cave tour with a guide who takes you to this unique natural wonder. 3. Taste weird food. I don't know about many places that sell Icelandic traditional food but I once went to this place called Le bistro and they had a brennivín shot and sour shark bites on ther

Where to take the best selfie in Iceland?

What else to do in Iceland than to take the greatest selfies of your life. Or just the most epic instagrams you have ever taken. Photo from Justin Timberlakes instagram The landscape here is so beautiful, it is just kind of hard to take an awful picture here. But where to take the best selfie?  A lot of people take pictures in Harpa. It is kind of the perfect place to take a good picture at, no matter what time of the year or day. It is always the perfect brightness to take a good picture in there.  My favourite picture I have taken in Harpan has to be this one. It's so alive and

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Reykjavík Comedy festival 2014

This is the first time that an international comedy festival is being held here in Iceland. It will show at the Harpa concert hall in the end of October and will feature both Icelandic and international comedians. 3 days of laughing your ass off. I don't think that sounds to bad. This is the line up:  Friday 24. oktober - Silfurberg20:00 Saga Garðarsdóttir BBC presents Best of Fest: Rob Deering, Harriet Kemsley, Sean McLoughlin og Joel Dommett22:30 Dóri DNA Kerry GodlimanSaturday 25. october - Silfurberg20:00 Þorteinn Guðmundsson New York’s Funniest: Andrew Schulz, Ricky Valez og James Ado

Iceland Airwaves 2014

''The best decision I have ever made!!''  ''I am definitely going next year'' The only things I have ever hoard people say about airwaves is that it's the greatest. I have never been to the festival but I really would love to go. The first Airwaves was held 1999 and has been held ever since here in Iceland.  Rolling Stone magazine called it “The hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar.” The festival will be 5 - 9 November. The line up is great and you can buy tickets at I am 99,9% sure that no one would regret going. I think

Bræðslan Music festival 2014

Bræðslan is a music festival held in Borgarfjörður eystri on the East Coast of Iceland.  The festival is always held the last weekend in July in a fish factory. Artists that will be playing are for example Emilía Torrini and Drangar. There are also off venue concerts where artists like Ragnheiður Gröndal, Jónas Sig and Magni.    ''The festival has set out to host a broad mix of Indi/Rock/Pop artists, offering both young talents and veterans to play at the festival. Young artists such as Of Monsters and men and Asgeir and more experienced Icelanders such as Hjálmar, Megas, Páll Óska

My take on the Secret solstice festival 2014

Secret solstice is an Icelandic festival that features over a hundred artists. It was held for the first time this summer. In the summer there is sunlight 24 hours of the day and that is the theme of the festival, the Icelandic summer solstice. The festival was on June 20th-22nd. It was held in Laugardalurinn, that is in Reykjavík. The weather was not the greatest, it was just typical Icelandic summer weather which made the festival even more fun. The line up was great and everybody could find something that they liked.  My experience My experience was great. I had so much fun with frien

Secret Solstice Festival

Secret Solstice is an Icelandic music festival held in Reykjavík, to be more specifically in Laugardalur. The festival is being held for the first time and it is on the 20th-22nd of June 2014. There are over a hundred artist playing so I am pretty sure everyone can find something that they will like. The artists are both local and international from a various array of genres. You can find all the information's about the festival on the website. If you are looking for a good reason to come to Iceland than I think you can not really find a more perfect excuse than this ;) These 3 days will be

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