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Место назначения
Rif, Iceland
Súlur, Iceland
Расстояние от центра
9.2 км
Пик сезона
Для всей семьи
1213 m
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Súlur is a rhyolite mountain found southwest of Akureyri in Iceland.Wikimedia. Creative Commons. Credit: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason. 

Súlur is a mountain found to the south west of Iceland’s northern capital, Akureyri, in the north of the country. Súlur is a rhyolite mountain, composed of material created approximately 9 million years ago through volcanic eruptions. 


Súlur is a popular feature among travellers to the north given its distinctive, pointed peak and picturesque hiking trails. Hikers begin the trail at the car park in Glerárdalur Valley, and can expect a 4-6 hour journey to the summit and back, experiencing a variety of terrain enroute that ranges from easy to more challenging. Throughout the trek, visitors will observe steep mountain slopes, crevasses and sinkholes.

Súlur has two peaks, though the highest reaches 1213 metres (3979 ft). Those who manage to reach this high vantage point will be privy to incredible views over Akureyri and the neighbouring Eyjafjörður.