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Hiking & Trekking Tours

Hiking & Trekking Tours

Whether you seek to explore a specific area for a few hours or spend several days travelling through the unfathomable beauty of Iceland's highlands, hiking tours provide the very best way of connecting with Iceland's natural world.

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Hiking & Trekking Tours

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Christine Murray

Christine Murray

24/04/2018, 16:30
Review of Incredible 4 Hour Ice Climbing & Glacier Hiking Tour on Vatnajokull with Transfer from Skaftafell

My sister and I had a blast with Gisli via Troll Expeditions at Skaftafell glacier. We only had 6 people in our group excluding our tour guide. Gisli was very personable, and allowed us to slow down and really enjoy each moment. He had no problem with us stopping to take photos, and even went out of his way to make sure we got really great pictures. He even made sure everyone had a time-lapse video of our ice climb. We were able to have 4 turns at ice climbing, one with one pick to make sure we were using our crampons properly, two with 2 ice picks including getting a sweet photo-op and time-lapse video, and one timed. He made it a fun contest to see who could climb the fastest, representing their country. We hiked for a short bit, taking in the views, and our tour guide had no problem with us asking questions, and he really took the time to turn them into conversations. Our tour guide gave us photos and videos of us via airdrop, and even added destinations into our googlemaps after learning that we planned on making stops along our way back to Reykjavic. Many of these stops we would not have known to look for.He gave us a great restaurant recommendation for dinner in Vik as well. Not just Gisli, but all staff we came into contact with went out of their way to be helpful and ensure we enjoyed our time. We had a great experience and would recommend others do this tour.

Frequently asked questions

We want to travel by ourselves because of COVID-19. Can I complete any hiking tours without a tour guide?

There are a variety of self-driving tours available that offer hiking as an activity. These packages are preplanned with a full itinerary, directions, accommodations, and car booked for you. It sets you up to not miss anything while still being able to travel at your own pace. 

Will we be able to maintain distance from group members if we choose a hiking trip with a group during COVID-19?

If you are taking advantage of transportation from the tour company, you may end up in the same car or minibus as other travelers. These operators are following the guidelines of the Icelandic health authorities and sanitizing everything often. However, on the actual hike, you should be able to maintain the 2-meter required distance easily. 

What type of clothing do I need to pack for a hiking tour in Iceland?

Always prepare for all kinds of weather, even if the forecast is good. Bring warm layers made out of wool and fleece. Don’t wear cotton, it has bad insulating capabilities and dries slowly when wet. Bring waterproof clothes and good hiking boots. If you are camping, be sure to carry a warm sleeping bag, a sturdy tent and an insulating mattress. Never underestimate the Icelandic weather.

Is it okay to wear sneakers when hiking in Iceland?

No, unless the hike is very short and across comfortable terrain. Proper hiking shoes with ankle support are always recommended.

Are there any short hiking tours near Reykjavik that I can do in a day or half a day?

Yes, there are plenty of hiking options all over Iceland, including the area surrounding Reykjavík. Heiðmörk is a nature reserve on the outskirts of the capital, with plenty of short hiking trails. Many small mountains are very close to Reykjavík, including Mt. Mosfell, Mt. Helgafell, Mt. Keilir and Mt. Esjan.