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Добро пожаловать в Вестерос! Крупнейшая подборка туров по локациям культового сериала «Игра престолов», который снимался в Исландии.
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Туры по «Игре престолов»

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Pilar Madrigal Quesada

Pilar Madrigal Quesada

23/08/2022, 00:53
Review of Тотальный 8-дневный самостоятельный автотур в Исландии по местам съемок «Игры престолов»

Fantastic experience! This tour ticked all the boxes on my Iceland bucket list, it is a well-rounded trip that covers all the island! I knew I wanted to do the entire Ring Road on our own however, it could be daunting to plan exactly how long it would take between towns and how much time to spend in each attraction. Guide to Iceland creates an itinerary for you with all these specifications so you can make informed decisions. Additionally, the tour arranges all the accommodations by night so you don't have to worry about that either. We decided to go for the Comfort (Private bedroom, private bathrooms) accommodations and all the hotels were great. I was a little worried because somedays we arrived at the hotels really late (trying to take advantage of the long August days) but we never encounter any difficulties as all the hotels had 24-hr desks. A nice surprise was that all the hotels had breakfast included, so you get at least one of your meals covered! This is the way to go if you are experiencing Iceland for the first time. Guide to Iceland delivered a great tour and made sure everything went smoothly from the moment you arrived to the airport until the car-rental return. I loved the highly detailed itinerary they produced for each day (with coordinates and descriptions for all the sites) and the freedom to chose and independently visit the attractions we were really interested in. Another plus was the wifi hotspot included with the car, so you can find your way around with google maps or similar. They offered 24-hr communication by phone or email in case something happens during the tour. I would recommend Guide to Iceland to anyone thinking about a self-guiding tour around Iceland. Moreover, I would be booking with them again if I get to go to Iceland in the future. Don't overthink it, just book it already! :P

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